Fitt and Said Principles By: Robby and Gagandeep 8D

Define F.I.T.T. Fitt is a principle that is used in sports science and when someone is working out. It stands for frequency, intensity, time, type.

F- Frequency.

-Frequency relates more towards the fact our body needs time to repair and rest, therefor we should keep in mind how many times a week we should work out. Ideally we should workout from 3-6 days a week.

I- Intensity.

- Intensity relates to amount of effort that needs to be put in. It is about how hard we should workout per session. For example if you are doing cardio one day you can choose a targeted heart rate and go for it so you workout hard enough, but not so much to overwork your body.

Heart Rate


- Type relates towards what type of exercise we should do in our workout. For example we could either do cardio training or we could do resistance training. It is important to do different types of exercises to target different muscles.

Cardio Training and Resistance Training

T- Time.

- Time relates towards how long we should be exercising per workout. Most of the time it is not worth working out for so long and overworking your body because you don't gain much out of working your body when it is already overworked. For example if you do cardio for an hour i you do more beyond that mark then benefits are very minimal.

Define Said:

The said principle is one of the most basic principles of sports science.The abbreviation for Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand is SAID, and this concept basically means that the body will adapt accordingly to the demands or changes it is exposed to. This principle has to do with body movements and therefore is highly related to sports.

The Said Principle being used in sports

How would Grade 8 students implement FITT and SAID?

How can FITT be implemented for Grade 8 Students?

Grade 8’s could implement Fitt in many different ways. The largest way being injury prevention and to be safe while working out. Sometimes many kids our age get hurt by overworking certain muscles, and more. If we all implemented Fitt we could prevent many injuries. For example if you think about frequency and how it relates to injury prevention you could think about the fact that if your body is not completely healed and repaired than if you workout it out again you can be at a large risk of getting injured. Injury prevention is by far the largest way we could implement FITT.

The F.I.T.T Principle

How could Grade 8's Implement the S.A.I.D Principle ?

The SAID Principle affects grade 8 students because many of us are in sports and do daily exercises (ex. PE). For instance in PE, since we do many runs, our bodies will eventually adapt to this procedure and we will start improving on our running . Another example for grade eight students may be weight lifting. For the most part, those of us that weight lift are new to it. Since we are not experienced weight lifters, our bodies (our muscles) will start to adapt to this exercise, and we will begin to gain muscles.

The Said Principle

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