Anty Phases By Mark Brugger

Phase 1

For Phase 1 for this project, we had to build Anty and create its code and use it in action.

If I was making this the psuedocode would be to program the robot with similar behaviors of an ant, and to have the legs be the center of every code.

Picture of Anty
this happens at the beginning of all programs as it makes the robots legs get in place so it can correctly move during the program
this program will help the robot sense wall and it will aviod them
when you activate the behavior program the legs get into place and then the Anty waits to sense a color, chirping
red = aggression and the robot will shake around to scare off people
blue means predator and the gets defensive as it charges then turns a little bit
when shown green, the robot will stop and begin to snore
green uses the avoid obstacles program, and has the robot go around in circles searching for food


Overall, as I have said, I enjoy these types of projects with very interesting Lego creations. When I heard about how the legs operate, I was kind of worried that this project would be hard to do. But with the programs provided this project was very similar to the dog. Anty was interesting because he moved with legs, not with tires. I think it will be fun to manually control Anty with my IPad, because he can move anywhere with his legs of glory.

Phase 2

For Phase 2 we had to connect our IPads to the brick, through bluetooth and control our robot with the IPads.


We were finally able to control our robots with something other than code and it was fun to do. The noises though, were very annoying to listen to. If we had this for other projects then they would have gone by very easily. I hope we can do more projects using the IPad control in the future.


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