The Hern Chesterson Etienne

The piece that most struck me was "Baraa Azam sits in front of ruined house" at first glance this picture is it much but for me, it makes me stare and reflects on my culture. This picture reminds me of the earthquake that happened in Haiti. seeing it in person make me reflect on dark days that I and my people had to overcome.
I chose the outside garden because I enjoy nature and I was personaly captivated by its beauty; from the waterfall to the bronze trees. Gardens such as these make me feel calm and at the piece, it's like a portal to a different realm were there no stress or pressure. Even the attention to detail by placing each flower in the right place to complement its surroundings. The best part is that the garden doesn't just highlight one part but embraces all parts to create a masterpiece.
I chose this sculpture of the buddha to represent my core values because one of my core values is religion. Even though the I am not Buddhist I can feel the spiritual connection that someone may have just as I have with god just like in my religion. I feel that as long I stay true to my values and I fight to protect them then whatever road I take will be the right one.
This painting portrays one of my idea of the good life which is nature and being at peace and worry free. Nature always gives me the feeling of calmness and relaxation. The painting reminds me of why I go to school and work hard so that one day my life can be stress-free and I can truly live life to the fullest.


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