Class Kicks By: Luke moOriNg, lashonta johnson-Ray, luke hoskins, cameron johnson

Literacy Element: Economic

  • When it comes to money, you have to know how to be smart with it.
  • When we are selling shoes it's good to know how to maintain our income and save it.
  • When earning our pay we have to keep track of it even when it's just a tip, benefit, we should even keep track of our deductions.
  • It's very important to save money from time to time even if it's a small amount because it can end up helping us in the future.
  • When it comes to identity and money accounts, your information can be easily stolen so when buying things for our shoe from sources we have never used before, we have to be safe and cautious.
  • To help us with buying stuff to make more shoes, we should make a budget for spending on what we need wisely and compare prices before we actually purchase anything.
  • If we ever have to get a loan from anyone, a productive way of doing it would be to make sure we are able to pay them back because that can cause you to pay more expenses and get you way behind in payment.

What is our project?

  • Our product is a sneaker-type shoe that is designed to hold a number of items such as pencils, erasers, and pens.
  • The shoe will have a pencil and a pen attached to both sides of the shoe.
  • On the back of the shoe we will have a carry-sized hand sanitizer bottle installed as well. This is because of Pakistans uncleanly environment.
  • We are pushing for kids to be more prepared and to have a safer school environment.
  • Our shoe will only be 1200 Indian rupee. (Approximately 20 U.S. Dollars)
  • We can also include a bundle package that includes a pack of 10 pens and 30 pencils. This bundle will only be 5 dollars extra, (approximately 320 more rupees) and will give a good amount of extra pencils to refill into your shoe

How our shoe will help our country:

  • -Pakistan is one of the most poor 3rd world countries.
  • Pakistan is leagues behind many other world countries when it comes to education. They also spend the least on education out of anyone in South Asia.
  • The average American spends around 200 dollars on school supplies every year on their children.
  • Some of the main things they lack in the third world countries is education and school supplies. We have planned to put shoes on some kids for the first time in their life and also shoes on those in need of school supplies.
  • These shoes will have many school supplies that they can carry on them.
  • 20 million people are homeless in Pakistan and there is only 182 million people living in the country.That is 9% of the population of children and adults in Pakistan that are homeless.
  • With these shoes we will be able to give poor children school supplies to get their proper education and the same opportunities as others in richer cities.

Steps in making the shoe: We first brainstormed on an idea, and eventually decided it would be effective and simple to implement pencils on the sides of the shoe. We also decided to make the aglets of the shoe to be detachable erasers. Then we made the shape of our sole in a 3D printing app. We measured the shoe of one of our group members, and based our dimensions on that. Once we got the plastic base, we used rubber to pad the hard plastic on the soles. Then we lined the sides of our shoe with a softer rubber. We used cotton/foam and mesh fabric to put around the top of the shoe and the shoes tongue. We also used patches of leather, with holes cut into it for shoelaces. This gives us the basic makeup of our sneaker-shoe. Once this is made we simply add all of our additional supplies to it. (Pencils, erasers, etc.)


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