My Name Adriana Valenti

In both English and Spanish my name means dark. People who tend to have this name have a strong desire to create and express themselves. Although the name defines itself as dark, the darkness comes with power and independency within oneself. My name is unique compared to the others around me and it surprises me when I hear that someone too has the name Adriana. It's a strong and empowering title just like the people who have the name. In labor, my mom and dad were watching their favorite american show, “Sopranos” and they liked the character’s name, Adriana.

“You know what?” she said, “I really like the name Adriana.”

Although it was last minute, they decided to name me after her character in “Sopranos”. Being named in that manner sure made the baby-name deciding become a unique fashion to the family and from that day, it's unforgettable. As the powerful and unique woman she was on tv, maybe one day my parents wished for me to be the same.

Adriana was not the only name I was called in the house. My friends, my family, and relatives all called me Yaya. Weird to think of when it has no correlation to my name but it stuck easily to me. People know me more as Adriana than Yaya. I’m the funny, giggly, and high pitched baby voice Yaya. And sometimes I’m the sweet, friendly, and quite Adriana. Real friends and family know my true self as Yaya when strangers I bump into everyday know me as Adriana. My sister, Carolina, never knew how to say my name and started calling me Yaya since the first day she met me.It was a mumble and not even a real word, but no one judged and they went along with it. It’s an unusual nickname, but that’s how people know me. Silly enough to say I tend to constantly get grandma jokes when people hear Yaya means “grandma” in Greek. It’s annoying, but my nickname will never be itself without grandma jokes.

A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand My mom made a stop to the grocery store to get food for dinner that night and met a family we would never think to meet. After grabbing food, we waited in line behind a woman and her child. They seemed nice, but the child gave me a sick vibe. His body was skinnier than a stick and it looked like he hadn’t eaten much in the past few days. His mother rings up the very few things of food and pulls out her worn out leather purse. She throws her face into her hands; as sad as she was, she told the cashier she couldn’t afford the food. Her son looked desperate for a grain of food and tears started to build in his little brown eyes. He tried to not show it to his mother that he was dying for a meal that night and he stayed strong under his small weak bones. His mom, completely humiliated, couldn’t hold in any of her emotions and started crying the register. My mom and I were devastated. We both looked at each other the same way and she knew what she had to do. As the lady was putting her things back, my mother stopped her. She quietly confronted her telling her she would pay for the food she couldn't pay for. The woman’s face lit up with joy. Her smile stretched to edges her of her face and her eyes were glowing with happiness. I never have seen such a woman be that happy before and that brought my mom and I joy. My mother always knows the right thing to do and it's a habit for her to bring happiness to others before herself. The paleness in the child’s face grew pink as he figured out he would have a meal tonight. They went on their way with their filled bags and big smiles. It was a deed I will never forget my mother did for that family. My mom didn’t need anything in return, only the fact that she went home with food for her child and happiness upon them. I was thankful to sit down and have a meal that night knowing the fact that his mother and him would too. Having a mother that can afford meals for my family to have every night is a blessing and knowing that we can help afford someone else’s, it’s something I would never let go.

My Mom

A Colorful Picture Day

I never really thought it was bad. Well, I mean, I thought I looked pretty good until I showed up to school. My friends laughed at me and the picture guy looked at me like he saw the first green haired dog. His jaw dropped faster than a fat boy chasing a ice cream truck. For a cool girl like me, I thought it would be a new trend; but I guess the camera man didn’t approve.

I was super excited when I got the news from my mother saying we were visiting my godmother, Auntie Belle. My sister and I were very close with her even though she lived so far away. We loved her company and especially her cats. They didn’t like me, but I played with them anyways. One day, the three of us went over to see her new house. We helped her unpack boxes and when I mean unpack boxes it was more of jumping on top of her bed and playing around with her computer. My favorite was to push the keyboard buttons. I’m not really sure what old people do within computers but I pretended to be them.

My mother and Auntie Belle

Auntie Belle had three cats; Baby, Peanut, and Kaitlyn. Baby was my favorite and she had dark as night fur with the greenest eyes. She was the largest of the group; not really up to date on her walking around the house. They were the three musketeers. They couldn’t live without each other. Kaitlyn was on her own most of the time and was very territorial. She loved the computers and always pranced her gray, fluffy paws around them. Her eyes glowed evil when she saw me playing with the keyboard. She stared straight into my eyes and without a doubt, was going to attack me. She made a move for it and jumped right into my face scratching me with her razor sharp claws. I screamed, she fell down, and she walked away. I was in total shock. The three of them walked in and at the top of my mother’s lungs she yelled, “What just happened!” My face was filled with blood and swollen scratches. Of course, with my luck, I found out that day I was allergic to cats. My beating red face started to sting and my eyes were tearing up. My mom cheered me up with my favorite neon bandages and put them on the wounds. Intentionally, I thought it was a great way to cover them up and knew it would snazzy my school picture up the next day.

The following day, I went to school ready for my picture. My face glowed with colors. The blue and purple ones were my favorite. People stared me down as I walked to the station and sat down. My face was throbbing like a heartbeat and I could just barely see through my eyelids. The man stood there and couldn't believe his eyes. For a minute, I really thought I got him to like it! I thought he loved my bandaids! In the moment, I couldn’t believe his next words.“You need to come back for retakes” he said, “and sweetie,make sure those bandages are off the next time.”

My second school picture


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