The Spatial Experience

When I entered the lobby of the Theatre I only saw a few people. At first I thought that I had arrived at the wrong place due to the lack of people. Thus, I decided to ask a nearby stranger and was able to confirm that I was at the right place. After asking I checked the time and realized that I had arrived well before the performance was going to begin. So, I decided to take a good look at the empty theatre before people started coming in. The emptiness of the theatre allowed me to see everything in the theatre with great detail. I was able to look at all the pictures and the layout of the theatre without obstructions. The lack of people made me feel like I was in a spacious area. In addition, it also gave me a feeling of going to a new place since this is the first theatre performance I have ever attended.

After looking around and taking some pictures I decided to line up with a guy named Chirag. After 10 minutes or so people started filing in and the lobby became crowded. The Theatre soon opened and I was the second person to go into the theatre. They seated me in the front on the right side of the theatre. The front seat let me see the stage in great details and allowed me to realize that the windows in the back of the theatre were hung up and not actual windows. Furthermore, after the play began this seat allowed me to see all the performers and hear the dialogue clearly. Thus, this made the performance much more interesting because I did not miss anything that happened.

After the lights dimmed it felt like the auditorium got colder and everything was silent until Sarah Bernhardt came in being chased by reporters. It surprised me for I was focused on the beds up front but they came in from the sides of the Theatre.

The size of the auditorium was relatively large, but the back half of the theatre was empty because of the lack of people. Thus, making it feel like I was watching the performance with a few people. This somehow enhanced the performance because most movies or sports games I have gone to generally have a large amount of people. The lack of people in the back of the theatre helped me experience something new.

Therefore, location in the Good Life is extremely important because I have been to football games where I have always been in the back and had a hard time seeing what was going on. As compared to this time where I was up front I was able to see and hear everything. Thus, it goes to show that location can greatly influence a persons perspective on things in life. For location can help a person achieve Good Life because when people are close and involved in everything they will be able to enjoy life more. On the other hand, if they are far away and not involved it may be difficult for them to enjoy what is going on in life.

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