The Divine Nature A visit to the natural history museum in florida

Nature on Display

The mammoth skeleton at the entry section of the museum is recalling appealing to me. It directly forced me to be in an environment of antique animals and plants. The giant skeleton as shown on the background photo was designed to be painted with a dark brownie cover. It presents a thickness of historical feelings to audience. Also, the giant size of the set-up skeleton is directly appealing visually. It is just like to lead the visitors to the scenes in a documentary movie for the antique era in Florida. If the mammoth skeleton is covered with man-made skins and covers, it will become overstated for visitors to acknowledge the actual situation that those giant animals have disappeared thousands years ago. Furthermore, if the skeleton were presented as an archaeological live scene in the form of shattered and separated bones, visitors who are not always professional will lose the feeling of vivid contact with those extinct animals. The giant skeleton excited me as shown on my picture. The sense of moving bones is great to display huge extinct animals like mammoths or dinosaurs. Hence, the set-up bones foreshadowed my experience to view the extinct lives and the existing lives.

Nature and Ethics

When walking through the museum, I viewed a number of lives currently living or once lived on this small piece of land within the whole earth. The great diversity of bio-livings in the world unintentionally arose my veneration to the natural world. As shown in the background photo, the voluminous variety of the butterflies and beetles shocked me much. Physically, they are the strongest animals in the world. But they also exhibit variegated colors and textures to camouflage themselves or to attract other ones in the primary order to survive. Many people stunned at the side for the butterflies, watching the technic worker making the samples of those insects. Those small animals tell us to be cautious and scrutinized to treat the world around us. We might be the rulers of this earth in certain aspect, but we would be nothing without these creatures presented in the nature. If we treat ourselves as the dominating power in this planet, then we need to love, to preserve, and to aware the lives all over us. We all share the same land and absorb the sunshine from the same star in our system. No mater the sizes, no matter the positions in the prey chain.

Nature and the Human Spirit

When I saw the jar and teeth of the sharks, extinct or extent, I further understand the power of nature has never balance anyone within it. The great white sharks may not be the largest in size and the strongest in body. However, they are the one who survived rather the ones with larger jars adjacent to them. Opposite to the jars of the sharks, an Indian man carries a corpse of a shark, the dominator of the ocean and sea. We can be strong today, but nature changes itself all the time. We, humans, and sharks are all members and characters within the great nature. We need to respect each other to survive. A tyranny will always be punished by the powerful majesty—the natural world. Men and sharks have had been meals to each other. This counter-relationship can be an alert of the magisterial and mysterious natural power. The way to survive in the world and universe created by the Great is to respect all the things within the universe.

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