Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Jennifer Moscovitch

Nature on Display

Calusa exhibit

The Calusa people were featured in a life-size walk through exhibit. This exhibit includes a life size home of a normal native, along with the home of the Calusa leader. This exhibit's diverse mediums and life size made the knowledge gain easier and it made the content seem more real. Through the arial view, I was able to see a scale of the Calusa civilization. This scalar shot allowed me to visualize how building were laid out during their time. I believe that the size of the Calusa people's civilization opened my eyes beyond what internet photographs would suggest. This experience was enjoyable because this exhibit engaged all of my senses by immersing me in history.

Nature and Ethics

Images from fossil exhibit

When walking through the fossil exhibit, I am struck with a feeling of awe and respect for the creatures that existed before me. This exhibit was able to visually display the interconnectness between the last several million years of life on earth. Seeing life size models allowed me to place myself as a user of the land, and I was able to feel like I was a member of the natural community leaving an impact on the future. Seeing species that no longer exist makes me want to protect the environment in the fashion Leopard suggested. Children in the exhibit were excited about the fossilized dinosaurs. This indicates that this exhibit awe struck them,

Nature and the Human Spirit

Butterfly exhibit

The museum is one of those places where you are able to escape the realities of life and learn about the parts o nature you would not normally be able to expose yourself to. In this case, the butterfly garden provides some of the greatest majesties of the natural world. A museum shows and tells us exactly what something like butterflies do in the natural world. In this exhibit, one is able to see what the natural world offers and what we usually look past. In the case of this exhibit, we are able to see what exactly an abundance of the wonders of nature provide. This exhibit left me in awe. I was able to see so much of what goes unnoticed everyday.

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