Cru 360 Virtual Reality Global missions immersive experience

Cru video teams traveled to 21 countries, captured 400 hours of VR footage. Came home and created a Global Missions 360 experience for college students in U.S. and Canada
10,000 college students were challenged to global missions at regional winter conferences
Great Lakes Winter Conference Global Missions area
Students watching VR video in the GeoDome
"Super visionary picture of the world!"

Kim Riley (Great Lakes, Global Missions Associate National Director

"This video is a massive win."

Dennis Leskowski, MTL at Western Michigan, Director of Summer Missions Marketing

Finch Spouse, Creative behind Global Missions 360

"I want to give students a feel for what it would be like to go on a mission with us around the world and have them walk away knowing we go to nearly every location around the world."

We filmed in 21 countries (every continent except Antartica). We captured 400+ hours of VR footage. Then we painstakingly created our Global Mission 360 experience with the purpose of recruiting students to join us in global missions. So far, our video has been shown to over 10,000 students in both U.S. and Canada.

Cru Global Missions 360 video highlights 17 countries. Here's the breakdown:

  • Africa (Botswana, Ivory Coast, South Africa)
  • Asia (India, Japan, UAE)
  • Australia
  • Europe (Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia, France)
  • South America (Ecuador)
  • North America (Dominican Republic, USA)
Created By
Larry Stephens

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