Hurtful Comments on Social Media And how to deal with them


The people that are statistically to be more prone to be cyber bullied are:

People with mental health issues

Teens who are gay or lesbian, or those who are struggling with their sexuality or gender identity

Students who recently moved to a new school

Children who are perceived as outsiders by their peers

But the truth is, anyone who goes online can be cyber bullied

Some possible consequences of cyber bullying are

Some consequences for the bully are:

They might be charged with a criminal offence depending on the damage caused with a penalty of up to 3 years imprisonment

Some consequences for the victim are:

Heightened social anxiety, both on and offline

A higher possibility of depression/suicide

Sleep deprivation/insomnia

How to deal with cyber bullies

Talk to someone you trust

Print out the messages as evidence and show to a trusted adult

Report the abuse to the police, as this a chargeable offence

Never respond to the messages, as this could worsen the problem, what you say on the internet stays there forever

Block the harasser after you have made copies of the messages

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