Highrise challenge By kathertne

Objective- to accumulate the most points in 3 attempts of the highrise challenge.

Criteria- robots fit in into the box. Each member must record at least ont attempt.

  • Competition rules:
  • All robots must start at the back of the competition field.
  • Blocks must be complete in the scoring zone to be counted.
  • Only like colored stacks will be scored.
  • Scoring:
  • Any color block in the scoring zone = 1
  • Stacks of like colors
  • 1 block =10
  • 2 blocks= 20
  • 3 Blocks = 30
  • And so forth

Think: we are going to work on the robot bu the books instructions. Then we will modify it if we need to. Then we will test and modify more if needed.

Do: we built the second half of the moter.

Think: we are going to ceep on building the arm. We took a time lapse of are progress. Hopefully we can finish the arm.

Do: we made a few modifications to the robot. We added more ti the arm and contented the rod in the middle. We also got to drive it.

Think: we want to finish the arm today So we can modify the robot but we have to finish it first. I think we are going to have to make the arm longer so it will stacks the blocks higher. We will also make the arm faster and efishint.

Do: we didn't finish it yet but we are close to finishing it. We didn't have the right pieces so we had to look for them. And it took long to find them.

Think: we still have not finished so i hope we do today. If we do we will make the arm longer and the gears stronger. So the arm can hold the weight of multiple blocks at one time.

Do: we have no finished yet but we are closer.

Think: we are working on the arm and hopefully we will finish. We have finished one of the claus and are working on the other one. Once we finish that we will build the other half of the arm.

Do: we have not quite finished but we are very close. We extended the arm but we did not put in the dimensions box so that might be a problem. We also had a problem with the large gears they didn't Mach up so we are going to have to fix that.

Think: we have to fix the gears so we can attach the arm to the robot. The arm is to heavy so we will have to add more weight to the back. We also have to put it in the dimensions box and we might have to make the arm smaller.


Think: we are going to test. We can already tell that it neads more weight on the back. We will also make it fit in the I dimensions box.

Do: we have to compete today but we have not tested it yet. So I hope one of us is able to figure out how to drive it well. And I hope I can go last.

Do: we competed and we lost. We have to make the arm a little shorter. And we have to be able to drive too.

Think: today Kiki is not here so I am going to be driving again. Even though Kiki is a better driver than me.

Do: we did not come in last place. But The technique that I used didn't work. Kiki was at the dentist so I had to drive.

Team results: we didn't fail but we also didn't win. Are robot was ok we did have a little bit of a challenge because the shaft didn't fit in the right hole. And the gears didn't match up so we had to take it apart and put it back together. We made the arm a little to long and the controls weren't as accurate. We picked up a few blocks but also made a mistake: we went forward instead of back and knocked the blocks over. Our final results weren't that bad but i think we could've done better. I think if we mad a few modifications we would've been golden. I think if we fixed the claw downward we could've picked up more blocks.

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