Hunting By: Isaac Carter

We have been hunting for a long time, and it has shaped the way we live today somewhat. This is how we used to get food to feed our family, until farming came along. People still hunt these days, but just for fun. It greatly effects the environment because it helps stop animals from going extinct. There are many different ways to hunt, and things to hunt. It stops animals from overpopulating and taking over and being the more dominant species than other, and killing others. Hunters also release a lot of carbon dioxide into the air, because normally when they go hunting, they set up camp with a fire. They also leave carbon footprints.

When people hunt, they use collective learning. They have spots where they see the most animals, so they mark that spot. They also learn to not go to spots, or not shoot certain size deer, or any animal. It also has to do with their weapons that they like to use to hunt animals with. They are always improving them, and so are we. They kept improving the bow until it became metal, and light weight, and more accurate. They also improved arrows until the got straighter, and fly faster with better arrow tips. Then they eventually got to the guns, and those got lighter, bigger, more accurate, and more reliable.

Modern Day Hunter With His Dog

Hunting connects to earth and the solar system because the hunters release carbon dioxide into the world, and it can effect the environment. They do it from making caps and fire to survive, and they will do this multiple days in a row. They also cut down trees for firewood. Collective learning because hunters always have to improve their game, otherwise the animals can catch on. They are smart too! In order to outsmart the animal, you have to make better weapons, and that is what they do. Agriculture because the animals like to eat corn, and that is also a way to lure the animals in. You also hunt in some of the fields in order to find the animals. There are many ways hunting can connect to thresholds. Another one is the modern revolution because we have revolutionized hunting by improving it. It is so crazy because we are constantly improving things more, and more. Not just hunting, it is everything.

Hunting connects with agriculture because they moved away from hunting, and went to farming and revolutionized the world. We also hunt in fields and animals can eat the crops to survive. They also get bigger and faster with more meat from the crops. Essentially they are improving, too. It can also do with economics because whatever weapon you use, whether it is a bow, shotgun, fishing pole, etc. It will make whatever business owns the type of weapon will make more money if they buy it because the more people buy, the more hunters there are, and the more hunting there is, the less dominant animals. Back in the day, people sold weapons for a living, and it revolutionized to what we have now, marksmen dealers. They used to sell weapons for a living to support their family, and they also hunted with them.

Spanning to one more society, I picked America versus Mexico. They can get weapons from us, and we can get them from us because we are practically right next to each other. They have effected the way we look at guns and we have effected the way they look at them, too. They have a bad rep for drugs, and they sometimes use the guns to kill people over drugs. We somewhat do the same things with gangs.

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