It’s a rare privilege to celebrate a 50th Anniversary.

Since our founding in 1970, we have certainly changed as an organization, both in scope and scale, but what has remained constant during those five decades is the core of our mission – to provide affordable housing and supportive services to our residents.

For those who want to pursue the American Dream of ownership, we help convert their sweat and building commitment into a down payment for a home; for others, we provide the finest in affordable housing as one of the best developers, property managers and service providers on the Central Coast.

Many of our residents face challenges. Some struggle with mental and physical health, while some encounter the daily trials that come with simply getting a bit older. For most though, the only challenge that stands between them and living a full and contented life is access to what should be a basic human right, a roof over their head.

With a place to call home, comes improvements to health, career success, educational advancement - those things that we all too often take for granted. It sounds simple, doesn’t it, but we’ve seen it over and over again that with a decent home everything else falls into place.

Since that first group of future homeowners dug their first trench, hit their first nails and sheeted their first roofs back in 1970, over 10,000 people who now call Peoples’ Self-Help Housing, home. Thank you for your past support, thank you for your vision and thank you for all you are yet to do. You’ve made this first half century of our history possible; we look forward to your partnership over the next fifty!

John Fowler, President & CEO | Shelly Higginbotham, Board Chair

Thank You!

Because of you, for 50 years, Peoples’ Self-Help Housing has been able to build so much more than housing! We‘ve been building careers, strong families, and resilient neighborhoods. We couldn’t have done this without our generous partners and supporters. Together, let’s keep building more - make your generous gift today!