Gandhi by Justin kuebel

Gandhi was an Independence leader for India. Gandhi wanted the English gone because he felt that what is india's land is india's land. he fought with words and non violence. his idea to gain independence over the English sounded like it would be impossible. But Gandhi did the impossible. as he preached non violence he also started different acts of civil disobedience.

The struggle

Gandhi had a great struggle to gain independence. Gandhi was thrown in jail many times before he was able to achieve independence. he started many protested one of the was the salt march.

The salt march

The Salt March, which took place from March to April 1930 in India, was an act of civil disobedience led by Mohandas Gandhi to protest British rule in India. During the march, thousands of Indians followed Gandhi from his religious retreat near Ahmedabad to the Arabian Sea coast, a distance of some 240 miles. The march resulted in the arrest of nearly 60,000 people, including Gandhi himself.

boycott of clothing

Gandhi sought to boycott all goods of the British. this would hurt their economy and it would make them want to leave later. Gandhi felt that the British were taking and sell indias supplies. he didn't fell like it was right, and they had to pay for cotton that the British took. farmers had a hard time gaining a profit from this. So Gandhi and others took to spinning their own cotton so they could hurt the British economy.

post independence acheivment

After the Labor Party took power in Britain in 1947, negotiations over Indian home rule began between the British, the Muslim League. Later that year, Britain granted India its independence but split the country into two dominions: India and Pakistan. Gandhi strongly opposed Partition, but he agreed to it in hopes that after independence Hindus and Muslims could achieve peace internally. Amid the massive riots that followed Partition, Gandhi urged Hindus and Muslims to live peacefully together, and undertook a hunger strike until riots in Calcutta ceased.


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