Discover Aerial Community Photos Licensed Stock Photo Membership

Elevate your business by adding a sense of community and flare to your listings and digital marketing by including custom high definition aerial photos of the communities you represent

Imagine having instant access to high quality community stock aerial photos for your digital marketing needs... Imagine not having to pay an aerial photographer every time you need community photos for your listing or Facebook/Instagram post... Imagine having the tools and ability to easily find the perfect photo for your project...
Imagine coordinating your digital marketing needs with the seasons- even if the property has been on the market for a while, it will feel up-to-date if the photos reflect the season... Imagine what your customers will think when they see the fresh approach and pride you take in your business...

Discover Aerial is introducing a unique and affordable community aerial photo membership program that provides you with stunning photography for your listings and digital marketing needs.

Sign up today and pay a low monthly membership fee and you will receive a life-time license to utilize all of the community photos Discover Aerial has photographed and published. Each month new community photos will be added for you to instantly access.

Here is the best Part...

If we don't have the photograph you want, we'll go out and get it... your membership includes 3 custom community shots each month. This means your low monthly membership price pays for itself 3X over. And what if you don't use these credits each month...

THEY roll over to the next month...

What if you still don't use the credits for community photos... Well, then you can use them to purchase aerial photography for your residential listings that you hire us for in the first place

This is truly a remarkable deal...

All this for $89/ Per Month

Here are the details:

  • Subscribe and receive a license for unlimited usage of community aerial photos
  • If you don't see what you want, you can request up to 3 custom community shots per month- this means if we don't have the shot you are looking for in our vast library, you can request the photos to be added to the gallery (savings of $225- each community photography is normally $75 each!)
  • Credits do not expire and unused credits can be used to purchase listing aerial photography
  • Organized by city, categorized by key area for easily finding the perfect photo for your listing
Community photo ideas: Parks, Lakes, Community Centers, Neighborhoods, Commuter Stations, Retail Stores, Water Towers, Beaches, Golf Courses, Riding Stables, Baseball Fields, Attractions, Schools, Fire Houses, Police Stations, Bike Trails, Community Statues, Rivers, Dams, Gazebos, Town Centers

Not So Small Print....

  • Each listing agent who uses the photos must have their own license/no sharing licenses with other agents, brokerages, etc. Photos are only licensed to the agent listed on the account. Assistants and marketing personnel can access the photos, but the photos can only be used for listings of agents who maintain a monthly membership.
  • If you cancel your monthly membership, you still have the life-time license for the photos you previously downloaded, but you will not have access to download new or previously published photos- so make sure you download the ones you want
  • All photos are owned and copyrighted by Discover Aerial; you have a life-time license to use the photographs for all purposes except for resale

Here's how you can buy residential aerial photography with unused credits

We want you to use your monthly credits for community photos... but what if you don't need any custom shots because our vast database already has all the photos you need? Here's what you can spend your monthly credits on (You get 3 per month and they rollover month to month)

  • 3 unused credits - (1) 3 Aerial Photo Package with a hosted 360° Aerial Panorama (Normally $69)
  • 6 unused credits - (1) 5 Aerial Photo Package with a hosted 360° Aerial Panorama (Normally $119)
  • 9 unused credits - (1) 10 Aerial Photo Package with a hosted 360° Aerial Panorama

If you have any questions, email Rick at rick@discoveraerial.com or call (312) 354-0557