Trump's Travel Ban Blocked Maximilian

Trump's revised travel ban blocked people from Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Libya, and Iran from entering the countries. A court in Seattle blocked a similar ban before, and now a Hawaiian court has blocked the ban. The court said that this ban was against religion, and free religion is allowed in the United states.

Many people have found Trump guilty of trying to block muslims from entering the country. He thinks that muslims are to blame for terrorist attacks like 9/11, but he did not block the country where the attacks were planned. He also said that soon he might let christians from these countries enter into the US.

My opinion is that there are many non-muslim criminals in this country and that banning people like this is unconstitutional.


Created with images by Michael Vadon - "Donald J. Trump at Marriott Marquis NYC September 7th 2016"

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