Mandla's Guided Reading Orange young

Building big Dreams

Orange young

Context question

I think building big dreams is non fiction because all the thing in the book make me think that's real I could find that on earth and the city like Golden Gate Bridge you can find that at fransancico 3 things that make

not know I I'm The

ILanguage question

The setting is set in the woods with a wooden house it's warm. In there and same

Vocabulary questions

dia da mentira means Saturday, 1 April in English April fools day

The setting is in book and on google

Burger King is not a big prankster but they at least tried.there is no main character but there reader is reading .fact April fools happens on the 1of April when pranking always remember at the end say it's prank

Personal response

When i was reading i felt that April fools happened she around the earth.i wonder y dose every one prank each other.when they say April fool day I know exactly what they are talking about I learned that April fools comes every year.


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