M.E.M.E.S. Metal Excavation & Mining Expert Services

What is MEMES?

MEMES is a government funded organization that is dedicated to mining asteroids today for a better tomorrow.

Our goal:

Using precious materials mined from nearby asteroids, we hope that we can establish colonies on other planets. This can help the world in many ways! Scientists could freely study a planet, tourists could visit or even live in a colony, solving overpopulation, and we could design larger space experiments, using planets as rest spots for probes and astronauts.

What we do

Targeting mainly M-type asteroids in our solar system, we use their precious metals for scientific projects and research. Our goal is to mine enough from nearby asteroids to colonize Mars, making it an inhabitable planet. Usually, gathering metals from Earth for big goals, like this one would be difficult and expensive. But fear not! Asteroids contain a plethora of valuable and useful materials; a veritable expanse of resources, undisturbed, and ripe for the picking!

I want to live on Mars, what should I expect?

Unless you're Trump, you might want to save up money in that piggy bank of yours. The trip there would cost anywhere from $30 billion to $100 billion! What about the real estate? You may be asking; a home of just 120 m(3) would cost at least $150 million! And, you might be a little hungry after moving to Mars, so sign yourself up for a year-long subscription of basic sustenance for only $13 million! Want to catch your friends up on your new life on Mars? Well, you can pay only $200 for a 1-minute phone call or an email. Seem a little pricey? You might be surprised that texting would cost 20% LESS than it would on Earth! Another bonus of living on Mars. So come on down! Great communities, facilities, and experiences are waiting for you at Mars! All you'd have to do is spend a total of only $121 billion!

Some of our target asteroids:

6Hebe, one of the largest asteroids in our solar system. It has a very high density, and is rich in materials such as iron and chondrite (About 40% iron materials and 60% chrondrite). This asteroid will provide plenty of materials; it's surface area is over 110,000 km!

16Psyche, the largest M-type asteroid in the solar system, having a diameter of over 200 km! This asteroid is over 90% metallic, most of it being nickel-iron.

Please donate!

Sponsor our program! We only need a small loan of $1,000,000,000,000!

Our biggest inspirations:







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