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Causes of Exploration

What made exploration happen? Well, first off we figure this out, “What have we been taught?” Which is a good question, because if you think as a person in high school, you are taught some things, like that Christopher Columbus was trying to convince the king and queen to let him find Asia from a water rout of the west. Also we know the population of a group of people will expand, therefore making them need more space. Last example is that we all know that sugar is sweet, and when someone doesn’t have sugar, you go to the store to get some, alike with the past, people went to explore to find more sugar. Not only do we think they run out of resources and population growth, but also we know people like to claim territory for themselves to be king, so they find a land they can be king or queen of. Next, we can look up reasons now in either a textbook or internet. And when I looked up why exploration happened, it showed me that the people want to move somewhere “abundant in food, water, and protection necessary for survival.” https://www.reference.com/world-view/people-explore-f7aa77ed1f7e6502

Effects of Exploration

What did exploring do for the world? Honestly, the exploring phase of the world was the “Big Boom” of economic growth. When you are young you learn that you can travel by car and plane to other countries, and it is all because of exploration. Without exploration, we wouldn’t know what sugar is, we wouldn’t know where to grow amazing crops, we wouldn’t have the element table we have now, we wouldn’t have technology, and we wouldn’t know who else is out in the world to meet. Without exploring in the olden days, we most likely would not have a good import and export system, along with communication systems. We would only be halfway educated compared to what we are now if it weren’t for the explorers exchanging information within the lands they explored. Final thing we can pull from our heads is that if nobody explored, we wouldn’t have a global map, or any map of the world at all. Because of explorers and conquerors, we have enough information to fill textbooks and the internet. Again, we can look in either a textbook or the internet to support our answer, “European countries brought many lands under their control. The world was opened up and new crops were introduced from one land to another. However, there were some disastrous effects. In the NEW WORLD, many native peoples died because they had no resistance to the European diseases that explorers and crews brought with them.” http://www.factmonster.com/dk/encyclopedia/exploration.html



How does population affect exploration?

Take a gander around the world. A populous of people is around us all the time. We can look at the world right now in 2017, as people try to find a way to live on mars. Why? I looked it up and it said, “Ensuring humanity’s survival, discovering life other than humans, Improve the quality of earth life, and Earth being overpopulated.” Also meaning that since places are getting/had got overpopulated, people go explore. Same goes for back in the era of exploration, when places got overpopulated, they looked for another place where the people could grow. Why do we still explore because of population? Think for a second of how many people are on the earth to this day, it is billions of people, and we don’t want to die so we explore. Same thing again, for the older people first exploring, they didn’t want to die, they wanted to keep living and with the population growing meant they needed to either die or explore, so they explored for a place to live. https://www.reference.com/world-view/people-explore-f7aa77ed1f7e6502

Effects of exploring because of population.

What did population exploration achieve? To be quite frank, it ruined the world’s supply of resources and make people greedy. How does that make sense? You think of this, how many wars do you know of between countries? Second, how many times did you hear because of something that happened a few years ago? The main thing I say by world resources is because we have had to personally grow things in greenhouses and plant farms. Along with that note, forests went down because people’s population kept growing, needing more houses, food, and water, making people need another place again. So all in all the exploration is a loop, a thing that hasn’t ended since it has begun. https://www.reference.com/history/were-effects-european-age-exploration-c5ac46c4b90692c4

How does this affect nowaday life? Think of all the treats you enjoy from day to day. Think of how we have bottled water, think of how we have silk, polyester, and even some metals. Those things could come from all around the world, much like the fruit and people we have in a single place. To this day we are still exploring, but not all of this is on earth, some of the exploration is in space. Yet all of this couldn't be done without an idea of what people did back in the olden days; explore. It matters today because if people didn't explore back then, we wouldn't learn spanish in school, or know about all the continents in the world.

we had to explore to get this


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