Graffiti @DD @ $U8T1T\-3

Graffiti is unauthorized spraying, painting or scratching of words and/or images on buildings, bridges, street, trains, trams, subways, monuments or any surfaces usually in public spaces.

During the 20th century graffiti was used to make territory usually involved with gangs, which were used in many ways.

Graffiti has been around for quite some time. No one really knows who exactly started graffiti but markings on caves have been found from ancient roam times.

Graffiti and street art may look the same and both be illegal they are both different things. Graffiti is used to get notoriety and more of a self promotion while street art i has more humor to it.

It depends how you use graffiti so that its considered art or vandalism. Its considered art when you have the consent of the owners property to graffiti. It's considered vandalism if your a savage and don't care about others people's opinion.

Graffiti can be hard to take off some areas because of what the artist used to graffiti. You have to make sure not to use the wrong minerals so that the wall does not get ruined. But for the people who got money but can't do it themselves i got a website for you.


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