During the first millennium B.C.E, a new social organization arose in South Asia. This system was called the caste system, which is a caste system which is basically a grouping of individuals based on wealth. There are different categories for the system which are called varnas. The four varnas were categories of socioeconomic status. At the very top were the Bahrain which included Priests and Academics. Right below them were the Kshatryia which were the warriors and the kinds. Below them were the merchants and the landowners in the Vaishya category. The fourth category was the Sudra which included the commoners, peasants, and servants.

While the caste system had benefits, it was not perfect. There were many problems that the caste system had and are still seen today. Because society was divided in such a strict way, if you were born into a certain category, you would most likely be there forever. For example, if you were born as a peasant and had dreams and goals of becoming a warrior or king, there was no hope and help for you. Even today, caste systems still cause prejudice to be a factory when election time comes around. Not only that, there is a lot of discrimination against lower caste.

Brahmanism played a huge role in South Asia during the first millennium B.C.E. Although it is similar to the religions at the time, Brahmanism was more of a way of life or ideology. Kent Upanishad said "That which existed before creation, that which constitutes the existent whole, and that into which all creation dissolves is the all-pervading Brahman, and the cycle of creation, sustenance and destruction of the universe is endless". Brahman quickly became the priority of the people following the Vedas and their practices and beliefs.


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