Saudi Arabia Shows a Red Light on Women's Rights By: Nairy Salinas

"It's never been so important for Muslim women to be heard" -Nafisa Bakkar

Women do Matter!
Saudi Arabia, a place for the Muslim religion.
Injustice is the perfect word to use for the way women are being treated in Saudi Arabia. They're like prisoners behind bars that barely have any actual freedom. Our freedom compared to theirs, is 100 times better than theirs. Freedom for them would be being able to read in the park, or a public place. Sadly, Muslim women can't have as good as an education as men. This "injustice" is happening because they are really dedicated to their religion. Their religion, does not allow them to marry, drive, learn, or even be able to show the world our beauty.
One of the well known motivational speakers for women rights, will be Malala Yousafzai. She helps motivate all women to stand up for their rights.
In 2015, women were finally allowed to run for office. Before, that women did not have the right to vote or run for office.

Would like to listen to a Ted Talk? CLICK HERE

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