Hello my name is Nick Kelley and I am a student at student at Serra High school. I got interested in photography at a young age and have been shooting a lot of long exposer shots for the last 2 years which is now my favorite thing to shoot besides surfing (action). This semester I have been really enjoying shooting light paintings and looking to improve throughout this following semester.

Project revisited: (Color Splash)


For my revisited project I chose to redo (Color Splash). I chose this because its a fun way to bring back color in black and white photos and show my improvement from 2014 to 2017. While I was out of the class shooting the new photos I saw what I was doing wrong freshman year and decided to shoot more interesting subject like the bees in the last photo. Also this time I learned something new and it was to shoot less and edited a littler tighter around the edges.

Project 2: Day in my life

2nd Period (math)
4th Period (Omar Late to class)

For this project we had to make a day in the life timeline using pictures. Although this project wasn't that hard there was some challenges involved because I couldn't get into the classes to take photos because it was all shot while school was in session. I chose these two photos because the first picture is what see every morning and I just feel like I am always stuck In math. for the second photo I chose this shot of my friend Omar running in late to class because this is what I see everyday of the week which is funny.

Project 3: Spirit Poster

Photo 1: Scholarship
Photo 2: Respect

For this project we had to take six good photos that represented our school spirit posters. For photo number one I shot this photo of tiffany to use for my scholarship picture. In the photo you will see her perfectly backlit while she is reading her books looking forward to college. For photo number 2 there is a color splash photo of two people shaking hands to show respect. The photo is pretty self explanatory and it worked perfect for my respect photo.

Project 4: Portraits of Classmates/Jacob

Photo 2
Photo 3

For this project we had to go shoot portraits of a classmate/model and these are the photos which I ended up with. First I started by asking myself the question, "what makes a good portrait". To successfully shoot a "good" portrait you need two basis things, good lighting and a model that isn't shy. I chose these three photos to show of this years portraits because of the good lighting in every photo and how they are all different shots.

Project 5: Home pictures

My Dog: (Shadow)
My Car: Nissan Xterra 08

For this project we took cameras home to talk pictures of things that remind us of home. For this project there was challenges because honestly I didn't know what photos to take and because of the bad lighting indoor which is why I chose to take all of my photos outside. For future homework assignments I think it would be cool if we did something like taking pictures of all of our pets.

5 other favorite photos:

Light painting
Long exposer
Surf Photography
Water Sports (feat. Joey)
Ringlight (feat. Jacob)

My Year (1st half)

This year I feel like I have improved and done good with portraits and all of the skin retouching techniques that I learned this semester. For the first semester of photography it felt like the same as last year but more editing and less shooting. Although this semester was full of fun and improvement I cant wait to see what happens next semester. For next semester, 1) I would like to experiment with light painting with the class, 2) I would also like to improve on editing portraits, 3) and finally I would like to get better with action sports. I will achieve these goals by shooting more photos, putting time be hide the computer, and meeting more athletes and working with them.

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