Favela Community Land Trusts (F-CLTs) rio de janeiro, brazil

PROJECT OVERVIEW: The project studies and advocates for Community Land Trusts (CLTs) as a land tenure security strategy for Rio de Janeiro's favelas and informal settlements worldwide. A CLT is a community-managed nonprofit association in which residents may own their home, but co-own the underlying land via the association. Collective ownership of land prevents developer speculation, forced evictions, and keeps decision-making in community hands.This is currently being implemented in Rio primarily through the actions of the F-CLT Working Group—composed of community leaders and technical advisors—and dedicated to assisting potential pilot communities and proposing legislation that promotes F-CLTs. The project emerges in the context of the recognized inadequacy of public policy instruments to guarantee tenure security for vulnerable urban populations within the existing Brazilian legal framework. The project promotes the pursuit of emancipatory mechanisms rooted in practices of self-management.

CATEGORY: Civil Society SETTING: Urban STATUS: On-going

BY: Catalytic Communities

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Residents of potential pilot F-CLTs have been involved from the get-go—the Working Group has only dedicated itself to studying the potential of F-CLTs in communities where residents have expressed interest in the model. Leaders from these communities have been attending Working Group meetings and have been at the forefront of developing strategies for getting more residents involved with the process. This community engagement effort has involved open meetings in the community, door-to-door conversations, and festivites such as a Memories Festival, to get residents to reconnect with what they value in their community. From now on, many more outreach efforts will be carried out so all residents can make informed decisions on what kind of F-CLT they would like to see in their community. We foresee this process, with all of its planning stages, to be long-running, in order to ensure meaningful engagement from residents. Once established, the F-CLT will be community-owned and run.

PARTENRS: Established in September 2018, the Working Group conducts monthly meetings, disseminates information on the model among interested communities, and broadly works toward developing pilot Favela-CLTs. Once engaged, communities act as the principal agents of the process, with WG support.

Institutions that compose the Working Group: CatComm (Catalytic Communities), ITERJ (State of Rio de Janeiro's Land Titling Agency); NUTH (Housing and Land Nucleus of the State of Rio de Janeiro Public Defenders' Office); LEDUB (Laboratory of Studies in the Transformation of Brazilian Urban Law); IPPUR (Urban and Regional Planning Institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), NEPHU (Housing and Urban Studies Nucleus of the Federal Fluminense University); the Metropolis Observatory; the Favelas Observatory; Projeto Manivela; Bento Rubião Foundation; Favelas Ministry of the Catholic Church; and CAU-RJ (Architecture and Urbanism Council of Rio de Janeiro).




Favela Community Land Trusts