Photographer By: Alexander Gibski

Photographer took photos of an event in a school gymnasium

◦ A photographer is someone that focuses on the art of photography with a camera. Photographers use artificial and/or natural lighting to snap pictures of people, places, and things in a variety of settings.

Photographers work together for commercial reasons

◦ Although people in this position often work independently, they sometimes work together for commercial reasons. This means they work as part of a team or group. Most photographers work alone so the budget doesn't get divided between all the photographers.

A dictionary represents education for photographers

◦ The type of education required to become a photographer is a Bachelors of Arts in Photography, which opens more doors for a career and for advancement in photography. A Bachelor degree typically include art, business, marketing, and other courses to round out one's education. A polished portfolio, which is often a requirement for graduation, is another benefit of a bachelor's degree program.

A camera represents this career of a photographer

◦ The kind of skills an individual working in this career must have are:

A photo through a telescope for a creative photo

• artistic and creative ability

Photography equipment

• technical ability with a wide range of photographic equipment and technology

Keen eye for details

• a keen eye for detail

People that talk to each other to represent communication skills

• good communication and people skills

A clock to represent time management skills

• good time management skills with the ability to meet tight deadlines

Coins to represent a photographers average pay

◦ A photographers average pay is an average salary of $40,465 per year. A photographers experience effects a photographers income for this job.

Photos of people taken by a photographer for a yearbook

◦ The types of companies, organizations, or institutions someone might work in this position of a photographer are Fujifilm, Blacks, Edge Images, etc.

A camera represents this career

◦ Based on my research, this is not a career I might be interested in because I don't think I have the skills needed to become a great photographer. Photography was not my strongest unit in Media Arts or the Communications Technology course I took. In my opinion, I think a photographer is a great career, but I don't think it's a career for me.


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