Pillow case designs Georgia Peach


For this project I"m going to be making a design for a decorative cushion. I'm going to make this by going through some drawing ideas and make a sketch for an animal or designs similar to those below and take them into photoshop to see how I can improve and refine them them. I wanted to try a more pencil drawn style rather than completely digital, because it's not something I've done that often in a project like this.

I started out with this idea looking for inspiration on Pinterest for pencil drawn illustrations and tattoo designs and found a style that I liked and after this I decided to look for pillow cases that have also gone with this style.

Jonna Lamminaho

At some point in the future I would like to add colour and go for a more digital design with what I created, a lot like this artists work. I'd like to try and create this style by trying some experimentation with water colour, I didn't want to try it with this project specifically because of possible timing issues.

Pillow design inspiration

These are some cushion designs I have found that I liked and with these designs the general styles with the animals and trees work well as a decorative cushion.


I went through some images of foxes that I could use as a reference for my design and this is what I decided to use, I decided on a fox because it's something I've not drawn before.

I started with a rough drawing to further build on in the future and I am going to use pen, this will be to darken it significantly for better use in photoshop. I wanted to use some kind of animal for my design and it was between a fox and a stag, however I've seen a lot of stag designs like this, so I went with the fox.

After the initial pencil drawing I went over with pen to add definition and to make it easier to manipulate in photoshop.

This is my final design for the pillow case which I created through filters, For improvents I would have liked to further refine this in photoshop to clean it up some more.

Overall I would also like to lighten the image up a little because I feel it is too dark, but the was necessary at the time to properly use it in photoshop. I would also like the chance to use Jonna Lamminaho's style, maybe to build onto this design or maybe on a new design similar to this style.

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