Cenozic Era! By Adrienne Nalley🌵

The Cenozic Era is know as the age of Mammals

The Cenozoic Era contains two geologic time periods, including the Tertiary Period and the current Quaternary Period.

Well into the Cenozoic Era, by the start of the Quaternary Period some 2.6 million years ago, Earth's continents assumed their modern configuration.

The Pacific Ocean separated Asia and Australia from North America and South America, the Atlantic Ocean separated North and South America from Europe (Euro-Asia) and Africa. Separated by the straits of Indonesia, the Indian Ocean filled the basin between Africa, India, Asia, and Australia. T

The Cenozoic is also known as the Age of Mammals, because of the large mammals that dominated, such as Entelodont, Paraceratherium and Basilosaurus.

The extinction of many large diapsid groups such as non-avian dinosaurs, Plesiosauria and Pterosauria allowed the mammals and birds to greatly diversify and become the world's predominant fauna.

This is a Basilosauruss

Lived 40 to 34 million years ago. It was discovered in the United States and was believed to be some sort of reptile.

This is a Paraceratherium

The paraceratherium is one of the largest terrestrial mammals that has ever existed. It lived 34–23 million years ago. And its remains have been found across Eurasia between China and the Balkans.

This is a Entelodont

They are know as terminator pigs. They are an extinct family of pig-like omnivores of the forests and plains of North America, Europe, and Asia.

Here's them all together

The Cenozoic Era is divided into 3 periods, the Paleogene, Quaternary, and Neogene.

Cave lions, sabre-toothed cats, cave bears, giant deer, woolly rhinoceroses, and woolly mammoths were just some of the animals that lived during this time.

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