The Steam Engine By: Morgan bates

The boat that has steam coming out of it is a steam boat.

Claim: The Steam Engine helped the west ward expansion because it allowed us to go west on train or by water.

How did it affect people and the country: It would be cheaper to travel west than by wagon and you could take as much on the train or boat as you wanted. More people could travel west faster and cheaper.

Context: The Steam Engine was invented in the 1800's for easier transportation, they added the Steam Engine onto boats and trains. At this time, the Telegraph was invented to help with communication and the expedition of Lewis and Clark in the 1800's. The Steam Engine effected both the south and the west because they could go by train or water. It allowed a cheaper price for traveling west by train or water.

Evidence 1: "A steam engine uses steam to change heat energy into rotary or reciprocating (Back-and-Forth) motion." (World Book Online: Steam Engine, para. 3) Source- World Book: Steam Engine

Evidence 2: "The figure represents an engine intended to work with very little friction." (National Archives: Founders Online, para. 1) Source-National Archives: Founders Online

Evidence 3: "The modes of American transportation and it's infrastructure transformed in order to accommdate the expansion of activities on the home front." (National Archives at Alanta, para. 1) Source- National Archives: National Archives at Alanta


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