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About Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur is a women of many trades, she is talented in writing (particularly poetry), illustrations, photography and many other medias. She is a writer/artist based in Toronto Canada but immigrated from India. Coming from an Indian family influenced her work greatly and she gains a lot of inspiration through her mother and her culture which is showcased in her writing. Rupi Kaur's poetry focuses on themes such as loss, feminism, love, heartbreak and healing, themes that her readers can all relate to in someway.

Over the years, her passion for writing evolved into performing, Rupi at the age of 17 began her spoken word career, exhibiting her poetry in a different approach. As her career continued, she turned her collection of poems into a novel titled milk and honey, that has recently become very populaur by people of all ages around the world.

Rupi Kaur Poetry

My favourite poems by Rupi Kaur

What is very interesting and unique about Rupi Kaur's poetry, is her ability to showcase a strong and meaningful message in a simple and short way that resonates with the reader. She explains such complex emotions and feelings in a few simple words, which leaves readers or at least myself in awe of how she accomplished capturing thoughts that I could never explain myself and putting it on paper.

In the poem above, she stays true to her short, yet impactful writing. Rupi used techniques such as metaphors (the reader being a dragon), enjambment (no end punctuation) throughout the entire poem and anaphora (the repetition of the words dragon and he). The poem also is written in only lowecase letters as the author finds that it takes away from the words otherwise.

What Rupi is trying to get across in this poem in particular is that even if a person made you happy and a better version of yourself, you will still be happy and be able to do everything you did before even if that person leaves your life. The word dragon is also very important because it represents strength and power, which really resonates with readers. It's a comforting poem that makes you feel at ease and better about yourself, knowing that you'll still be strong, happy and powerful despite people who you thought meant the world eventually leave out of your life. Overall this poem is a lesson that I think everyone can relate to which makes it that much more relatable and powerful.

Original Poems


When writing my own poetry, I attempted to take inspiration from Rupi's poetry. Something I really loved about her writing, is how short and simple they are whilst still being impactful and relatable, which is what I tried to embody throughout writing my own series of poems. In my series of poems, I attempted to use metaphors, smilies, enjambment, anaphora and I also did all my poems in lowercase letters, similar to Rupi Kaur's poems.

Throughout this process of learning about a poet and attempting original poems myself, I came to the realization that poetry is a lot more complicated and intricate than what I initially thought. When it came to writing my own poetry, I found that it was difficult to use as little words as I could to get across a strong and impactful message, but as I practiced it became easier and the words just started to flow. I definitely realized how much I actually enjoy reading and writing poetry, which is something that I'd never thought I would ever like. It is such fascinating type of writing that I will continue to work on outside of this unit.

In the future, I'd like to work on using different techniques since Rupi Kaur didn't use too many. I'd really like to play around with rhyming and also just the structure of the poem because I never realized how impactful punctuation and spacing could be.

Overall this project has taught me a lot about Rupi Kaur as a poet and as well as myself. I really do love poetry and hope to continue this writing in the future.

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