Athens-Melos Negotions By maddie A

The Athens-Melos role play was a great classroom activity and should be continued in the years to come. Instead of just sitting taking notes and learning facts, the Athens-Melos role play forces the students to really think and engage.

Each student starts by getting a secret packet contains who they are, wether they are Athens of Melos, what they want out of the negotiations etc. Once you read about your identity and the basic backgrounds of your territory you put you creative mind to work. Trying to think of strategies of negation, what is most important to you and the people you represent and how to achieve these things. I mean were talking secrets, negotiating, teaming up, lying/bluffing, might as well just say a teenagers daily life. Oh and how could I forget fighting, what teenager does not get into constant battles with their parents? Well this role play puts that to good use, you are challenged to find the holes in arguments, be able to respond on the spot, and use critical thinking that is much needed in adult life.

This assignment made history something I looked forward to everyday and could not wait to work on when I got home.(Not many things you do in school the same can be said for) Projects thats the students are interested in are the ones they are more likely to do better on, I believe this project offered something for everyone and was strutted for great results. Projects and Role-Plays like this one should be a more often assurance in the classroom, mixing up the daily routine keep kids interested and focused.

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