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Palm Coast is a Tree City USA that loves its natural beauty and wildlife. With a little time and effort, you can keep your trees beautiful, healthy and ready to face summer storms.
It’s important to remember tree care is a year-round process. As you keep up your landscape, be sure to regularly inspect your trees for any signs of damage such as broken branches or cracks. To keep your home and property safe, prune your trees regularly. Don’t wait ‘til a tropical storm or hurricane is heading our way.
One thing to remember is palm trees are designed to withstand storms with all their fronds left on them, so there’s no need to trim palms just before a storm.
Consider hiring a certified arborist to ensure a tree is pruned correctly for future growth and good health, advises City of Palm Coast Urban Forester Carol Mini. They can tell you if a tree needs to be removed because it’s leaning or is diseased or damaged. Some certified arborists provide professional advice about trees, while others also do the actual tree work. Whenever hiring a tree care professional, check to be sure they have insurance and a business tax receipt (business license) to do work in the City of Palm Coast. Beware of solicitors who knock on your door. You can always call the City to find out if a tree service has the required City business tax receipt.
Certified arborists are also the experts on reaching limbs that require climbing, restoring a damaged tree that could be saved, and pruning to promote good structure. When a tree is improperly pruned, it can go into shock because the new growth is weakly attached to the tree, making it more vulnerable.
“Pruning methods that promote a sound tree structure help trees resist failure, provide clearance, and improve aesthetics, while promoting long life,” Dr. Ed Gilman, professor of urban trees and landscape plants at the University of Florida, said on the university website. “When improperly performed, pruning can harm the tree's health, stability, and appearance and make matters worse.”
Taking care of our trees is worth the effort! Trees increase property values when they are well-maintained. They provide shade that can decrease cooling costs as well as offering a habitat for wildlife.
“Here in Palm Coast, we are proud of our beautiful trees and tree canopies,” Mini said. “We are truly rooted in nature through our long and deep commitment to environmental sustainability. Every resident can do their part by caring for the plants and trees in their own backyard.”

To find a certified arborist, visit the website for the International Society of Arboriculture at

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