My "Abandoned Farmhouse" Style Poem A Look Into the Life of Ryan Baker

He had an above average height, acknowledges the size of his shoes, sitting on the floor near the curtains of the window; and eyes that needed support to be able to function properly, informs the glasses and their cases, resting upon the kitchen table. He didn't have any sisters but plenty of brothers to balance it out, breathes the picture of the siblings shown from the computer desktop; he was even getting an education and following through with it, the well used backpack justifies, sitting atop a bench in the house.

The Shoes
The Backpack

He shared a room with one of his brothers, makes known the bunk bed being without orderliness; and hailed from the hot and arid state of Arizona, the magnet on the fridge advertises, portraying the state’s name. He also went to church and dressed neatly, testifies the assortment of ties hung up in between the other clothing in a closet.

He loved to sing and compete in vocal competitions, sings the all-region choir plaque nailed onto the wall; plus, he played an instrument from the brass section too, the Euphonium and its casing cry out, sitting upon the bedroom floor. He was a Boy Scout but hadn't got very far with the program, the uniform, lacking some badges, hanging in the right side of the aforementioned closet chimes in. He also liked to ride his bike and did it very often, voices the mountain bike, a little dirty from its times being used, propped inside the garage beside the other sports equipment;.

The Instrument
The Mountain Bike
The Uniform

He liked to play basketball, pants the basketball hoop and ball, set up outside the house on the gravel driveway. He was also a fan of the sketch comedy group Studio C, laughs the poster -shiny and crisp- of the cast on the wall. He even loved to read, especially fantasy novels, finishes the multitude of books inside the bookshelf, some old, some fairly new

The Bookshelf

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