Timnath Fireworks 2017 Photos specs for abstract Zoom Pics

C. L. Getchius Photography

Photographer: Craig L. Getchius

Recently I posted on my blog some zoom photographs of fireworks. Since then I have received a few emails asking my camera setting for each photo. So I decided to create this short picture gallery detailing the camera specs.

Universal specs for all photos posted

  • Camera: Nikon D500
  • Lense: AF-S DX NIKKOR 16-80mm f/2.8-4E ED VR
  • Camera mounted on Tripod
  • Manual focus to infinity
  • Manual mode for all camera settings. F-stop 9.0 ISO 100
  • White balance: Incadencent
  • Cable release used to hold exposure
  • All photo shot in Raw and post processed in Adobe Lightroom
Normal Fireworks Photo Lense: 22mm, Shutter Speed: 10 seconds
Zoom Effect Lense: 34mm at start, Shutter Speed: 4.3 Seconds. Zoomed out through whole exposure
Zoom Effect, Lens: 30mm at start, Shutter Speed: 11 seconds, Zoom out at first, then pause
Zoom In Then Pause, Lense: 19mm at start, Shutter Speed: 11 seconds
Zoom undocumented, Lense: 31mm, Shutter Speed 13 seconds
Zoom Out With Pause at end, Lense: 80mm, Shutter speed: 5 seconds
Zoom Out One Slight Wiggle Then Pause; Lense at start: 35mm, Shutter Speed: 14 seconds
Slight Zoom at end of exposure, Lense: 42mm, Shutter Speed: 10 seconds
No Zoom, Lense; 42mm, Shutter Speed 4.2 seconds
No zoom, Lense: 48mm, Shutter Speed: 5.2 seconds

Hopefully this gives you a general idea of how to do this sort of photography. It should be noted that as far as exposure and f-stops go you should only use my settings as a starting point. There is so many variables involved that to say exactly what your settings should be would be misleading. The wonderful thing about digital photography is that after taking a photo you can quickly check to see if you nailed it. Also the intensity of the fireworks changes so it is best to under expose and shoot Raw. This will give you more options when you post process.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read this. - C. L. Getchius
Created By
Craig Getchius


All Photographs copyrighted to C. L. Getchius Photography

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