Georg Herold Mia Carter

The only thing I can find on Georg Herold is that he is a german sculptor and artist. He was born in Jena Germany

I'm not sure what this is trying to represent I just see it as something to look at when you're bored. It looks like this sculpture has been placed in a park and there are some other artworks in the background so it is probably in a park. It looks like it is made out of something shine. His other works of art look almost identical.


Created with images by FaceMePLS - "ArtZuid 2015" • FaceMePLS - "ArtZuid 2015" • FaceMePLS - "ArtZuid 2015" • *_* - "Georg Herold @ Sculpture @ ArtZuid 2015 @ Amsterdam" • FaceMePLS - "ArtZuid 2015"

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