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Hello, intense day in the town of Verona. Sampson and Gregory had gotten into a fight with Abram. I tried breaking it up, but it only got worse. I got my sword out but, little did i know Tybalt had to join in, which didn't surprise me at all. Tybalt always has to get into other people's business. I told him to put his weapon down or to help me end this ongoing battle. The Prince had joined in and stopped it once and for all. He had told all citizens there that the next person to start another battle must be put to death. Which is reasonable because there should be consequences for our actions.

This has been going on for too long and i am sick of it. How much hatred can there be between our families. The people of the town were beating us down as i was trying to help resolve the issue, which shows the lack of partnership here. No one would even make an effort to listen to me, which makes me very upset. Thank goodness the Prince had arrived and put end to it as i was trying to accomplish in the first place.

It was a confusing day today in the town of Verona. Romeo has been acting very depressed lately and I can't seem to put my finger on it. I was causally taking a walk Underneath the Sycamore grove, and i happened to see Romeo, looking quite sad. I walked towards him, but he saw me coming and ran into the woods. Lord Montague told me that He’s been seen there crying multiple times . He also said that he shuts all his windows to block the light of the sun from getting in. Romeo has never acted this way before and I am very worried about him.

I don't understand why Romeo wouldn't want to see me, we are best friends. Romeo and I always discuss the problems we are going through, and I don't know why that is changing now. I was worried that maybe I did something wrong. I just figured he was avoiding me, or maybe he just wanted to be left alone. What could be bothering him so much? Could it be all the fighting between the Capulet's and us? I just wish he would tell me so I can be by his side helping him through whatever is putting a damper on his life.

Hello, Nothing much has changed. Romeo is still depressed over Rosaline. I tried cheering him up but nothing will work. I gave him countless pep talks, but he does not budge. I told him that Rosaline will be at the Capulet’s traditional feast, and he can compare all the other the girls there to her. Once he sees all the other girls he will hopefully forget all about Rosaline, but no matter what i said he would deny it. I have never seen Romeo like this before.

I wish he would just consider my advice. It wouldn't hurt for him to just try. Romeo has nothing to lose. Out of all the fish in the sea there has to be at least another girl that will catch Romeo's eye. He is being so stubborn,and acting so hopeless that he can't even consider the options he has. He will never know unless he goes out of his comfort zone and see what else is out there. Or after all maybe Romeo is actually in love.

Hello! My good friend Mercutio and I had an adventurous day! We went to the Capulet's party, and it was not that bad. It seemed as Romeo had a better time then us, which is surprising to me because he has been very gloomy lately. After Romeo had slipped away from us at the party, Mercutio and I had to go find him which was the best part. Mercutio had a lot of fun making jokes about Rosaline to Romeo. We both just wanted to get him to come back out. I was sure to tell Mercutio to stop after awhile because I knew Romeo would get angry ,and that is the last thing we need.

Its amazing what love can do for Romeo. A simple girl can Brighten him up within seconds. He seems so joyful, and full of life any more. I would much rather see him overly happy, then depressed and miserable like he was. If only Romeo can always be like this. I would not have to worry about always cheering me him up. It has been awhile since i saw my friend let out a laugh, and a smile. I owe Rosaline a huge thank you!

What a terrible day it was today! My good friend Mercutio has been killed! It all started when Tybalt had come to see us, and when ever that happens i know it can't be good. As usual tybalt wanted to fight. I had begged for Mercutio and Tybalt to put down there weapons, but they did not listen, even though the prince made it clear that the next person to start a fight will be put to death. Tybalt had reached under Romeo's arm and stabbed Mercutio. As if it couldn't get worse Romeo had to stab Tybalt back. I told him too run and hide before the prince saw, but now my other friend Romeo is being banished.

My brave friend Mercutio has fallen asleep too early. Why did it have to be my poor friend Mercutio? Why did Romeo have to make things worse? I told him that the citizens were watching, and only bad can come from that. Now my one friend is dead and the other is banished. Is it obvious yet that i do not have the best of luck?

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