Who was Martin Luther? by Savannah Willette

Martin Luther Was a Sinner

In this picture, Martin Luther is hanging up his 95 Theses on the door of the castle in Wittenberg. This painting displays Luther as a sinner. In the background, commoners have a horrified expression on their faces. This shows the amount of fear they have for Luther and what he is doing. The action of hanging up his 95 Theses on the door is not illegal, although it is a disrespectful statement to the Pope. This long list of reasons that explains what the Church needs to change, is a bold move on his part, that shows his daring defiance.

In this image, Martin Luther is defending himself before the Diet of Worms. In April, 1512 Luther was summoned to the city of worms. There, Charles V. Luther ordered him to recite his writings. Martin Luther refuses, as he believes in scriptures over the Pope. It is that moment that the picture captures. It displays him disobeying the Pope's rule, disrespecting him greatly. In that time and age, it was against the law to go against the Pope/The church, which is exactly what Luther was doing. Breaking the law, proves him to be a sinner.

On January 3rd, 1521, Pope Leo sends a degree condemning Martin Luther. He excommunicates him through a papal. This image displays Luther publicly burning the document. In the painting, you can see the whole diversion that Luther is creating. There is a man knelt by the fire, trying to deflect the growing flames. Luther is really displayed as a sinner in this picture, his evil expression the monster that he was. If you also pay attention to what everyone is wearing, you see the people around him are dressed in bright colors. Except for Luther, who is wrapped in a black cloak. All of these thinks reveal the sinful, evil actions and person of Martin Luther.

Martin Luther Was a Saint

In this painting, Martin Luther is surrounded by his protectors and associates, such as Elector of Ernestine Saxony and John Oecolampadius. Although it is not the men around Luther that shows him as a saint. It is the little boy angel that gazes up at Luther. The angel in the painting symbolizes the ideal of heaven that is within Luther. It links a literal angel to Luther's angelic figure.

Above is a picture that shows another, pure side to Martin Luther. It does not show him by a burning fire, or a long list, or in front of a court of people. This pictures shows the real, raw Martin Luther. As he sings to his family and plays them lute, his children accompany him. This painting gives impressions of serenity and affection. It shows a side of Luther where he isn't violent, but loving and kind towards his family.

In 1525, Luther marries Katharina von Bora, a former nun. This picture shows the ceremony of their wedding. This shows a gentle, loving side to Luther. It also displays his love for God. Towards the back of the painting, a structure of Jesus on the cross hangs and Luther is dressed in religious attire. This proves Luther as a religious, saint figure.

So Who Really Was Martin Luther?

Who was Martin Luther? Was he a saint? Or was he a sinner...There is evidence that proves both sides of the argument. There is also a lot of evidence still not known today that could prove a side by far. It's how you view the situation that defines who he is.

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