A collection of short, engaging videos to boost 3M ASD's brand awareness via Facebook.

Metal fabrication Audience

  • Purchases based on value: performance vs cost
  • Needs to 'see it to believe it'
  • Pragmatic, with a tendency to improvise with tools available
  • 530,000 estimated Facebook users

(Source: Facebook Ads data)

Creative proposition

Independent metal fabricators need to see how 3M abrasives perform before they become brand loyal. Let's show them how good 3M abrasives are in an entertaining and visually compelling way.

We will create intriguing and inspirational videos that show the practical use of tools in unusual situations.


  • Facebook has a pay-per-view model, where 1 view = 10 seconds.
  • Videos are auto-play so need to make positive brand associations early.
  • Videos uploaded directly to Facebook get ~30% more views than ads that link to YouTube videos.

With average Facebook video viewing times below 30 seconds, we need short, sharp bursts of interesting content.

The ideas

1. vs. battle

Viewers guess what will happen, using humourous and relatable comparisons - can this 3M grinder cut through something more quickly than a man can eat a Yorkie bar? Can this welder sand a metal bar in the time it takes to make a cup of tea?

The Vs. videos will be presented in the style of industrial tests, similar to Wired's Battle Damage - where the practical tests are conveyed with fun, exciting visuals. Here, we could also scientific elements to reiterate the quality of the 3M products.

A combination of split screen comparisons and graphics will make this aesthetically striking in order to capture the attention of viewers within the first few seconds.

2. the big Reveal

In this video, mesmerising visuals of tools in action draw in the viewer, asking the question: What are we sanding/cutting? The use of slow motion and macro shots mean that the item in question looks unusually beautiful - until we zoom out to reveal what it is.

3. visual splatter

Focusing on speed, we cut through numerous paint cans in the shortest time possible, causing a vibrant splatter, perfectly showcasing the speed of the tools with a bold and satisfying aftermath. The use of slow motion shows the paint oozing and spraying out and also the precision and speed of the tool - see it to believe it!

This could also be combined with the Reveal idea, with paint cans arranged in the shape of the 3M logo.

4. choose your tools

Taking the unusual scenarios even further, we show 3M tools being used to cut through various foods - watermelons, pumpkins, even as far as carving a roast. Can you zest a lemon with a 3M sanding disk? How quickly can you slice a loaf of bread with Cubitron II slitting disc?

This test is simply to demonstrate the tools in an unusual way - the humourous angle being that 3M abrasives might not be the appropriate tools for this job, being more messy and chaotic than effective, bringing home the importance of having the right equipment for the task at hand.


Shoot location

As a mini-series, the videos will follow a similar visual style. Our recommendation is to build a set at 3M Atherstone, where tools and expertise are on hand. (Shoot will require an on-camera demonstrator and health and safety representative.)


  • On location filming day - from £4,500
  • 3x advanced edits - from £3,000
  • Additional props - TBC
  • Facebook advertising - this is a direct cost paid by 3M to Facebook. As it's a pay per view model, the amount you pay determines the reach you achieve. We recommend a minimum spend of £500 per month.

Previous work


Having worked with 3M across various departments and locations, it's clear that any content produced by Axonn would be much more valuable if able to syndicate - heavy visual focus and using text graphics for main directives mean they can be easily translated and understood across the globe.

The above example from the 3M PPE division, produced by Axonn in 2016 and translated into numerous languages for European distribution.

Axonn and Facebook Video Campaigns

Monarch Airlines #OurPeopleMakeUs

Monarch provided Axonn with a brief to create on and offsite content to support the brand campaign ethos around helpful crew with a light-hearted twist in order to drive traffic, brand awareness and engagement on the blog and other channels. The theme was based on their television advert and previous Facebook campaign (also produced by Axonn): Monarch crew don’t mind being too kind – even if it means going to great lengths…

This was a series of 3 videos released over 3 days on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter and garnering over a million views across these channels.

Medacs #HealthcareHeroes

Medacs is a healthcare recruitment client, running a Spring/Summer campaign #HealthcareHeroes, with an aim to boost morale and share positive stories about nurses, the outstanding care they deliver and how they make a difference. This includes a landing page for their visitors to submit stories, a series of feature stories about helpful nurses, video content and a consistent social push across their channels.

Medacs primarily shared this with their almost 60,000 Facebook followers and on the day it was posted, the video garnered around 200 likes per minute. They then rolled out some paid advertising to increase awareness and views escalated to over 300,000 in just a few days.

Energenie MiHome Competition

Energenie ran a Facebook competition around a video produced by Axonn to increase engagement on the channel.

With a modest advertising budget, the video made a quick impact with thousands of views and a boost in engagement, comments and likes. The humourous tone combined with split screen and product demos adds to the value of the video, giving it longevity even after the campaign ended.

Created for you by

Jen Morris - Head of video

joe livingstone - director of strategy

catherine cooke - head of social

Katie welmans - senior account director

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