Water Mixture Ella taylor

The four materials

Question - What happens when you mix water with flour, baking soda, vegetable oil, or pop rocks?

Research - I will observe what will happen to the materials like if they will bubble or devolve. I already know that pop rocks will pop in water, but what other thing will happen to it?

Hypothesis - I think that the flour and baking soda will dissolve, vegetable oil will sink to the bottom of the cup and the pop rocks will bubble, a lot.

Baking Soda, flour, vegetable oil and pop rocks, all with water

Experiment - What you will need to do first is pour one cup of water into four different cups. Then put one teaspoon of the materials one a cup. Do that for all four materials. (See photos above.) Then observe what you see. Next wait five minutes. Then observe. (See photos below.)

Observations after five minutes

Pop rocks, vegetable oil, flour and baking soda all with water, looked the same as before after the five minutes

Results - The properties of the flour was like a marshmallow like object sitting on top of the water. Baking soda looked like snow at the bottom of the cup. Vegetable oil made a weird bubble at the top of the water. And the pop rocks were popping a lot and it looked like a pile of sponge like crystals. They all looked like as before after five minutes.

Conclusion - My hypothesis was not correct. Next time I could stir the mixture instead of just putting the materials in the water. I was surprised that the flour and baking soda did not dissolve. I hope you liked my project.



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