Oregon Metro Presten Kafer & Logan Pfau

History of Metro:

Since 1979, Metro has been the only directly elected regional government in the US. Working to help shape the political, economic, and social goings on across 24 cities and 3 counties of the Portland area by addressing land use, transportation, waste management, and nature preservation.

Metro's Current Goals (Since 2008):

Greenhouse gas – Reduce emissions by 80%.

Waste – Reduce waste, Increase recycling and composting.

Water – Reduce water usage by 50%.

Habitat – Ensure health of natural areas around Oregon.

Toxics – Eliminate usage of Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxics (PBTs).


In 1995, Metro introduced the 2040 Growth Concept as a way to define long term growth planning. The 2040 plan is designed to accommodate 780,000 additional people and 350,000 jobs by 2040. This plan has created some criticism from environmentalists, but few consider it a threat to Portland's legacy of urban growth management.


Much of Metro's praise is of their ability and willingness to work with the public to create a healthier environment and a strong community.

"S'good." ~ Logan Pfau 2017

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