Heritage House By Sarah Martell

Part 1

My favorite room is the dining room. I chose it because to me I think it's very interesting how they used to entertain themselves. Another reason is because there is a frame of Mrs. Clark's necklace. My last reason is because they used to have puppet shows with puppets they made. Those are my three reasons why I chose the dining room.

Part 2

It's very different from my house because in my dining room we have a TV and they had puppets. I have magazines and they did not. They also had a fireplace and I don't. My last reason is that they had dolls that they made and in my dining room we do not have dolls.

Part 3

I prefer my house because they didn't have technology and now we do. My second reason is because to me making toys can take very long and I am not patient. Here is my last reason why. They made puppet show and they had to talk in front of people and sometimes I can be very timid.

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