Figurative Language Memory Game Created by kaylin carmichael

This game is similar to the memory game we all played as kids but this time it is using figurative language. This game is geared towards 4th grade and is a good way to challenge students. The standard this game meets is L.4.5 Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings.

Included in this game is a variety of cards with figurative language terms listed on one side of them. There are corresponding cards with the definition of each term. There is also a set of cards that say examples of figurative language with a corresponding card. This game can be played in groups or individually.

To play this game, students will lay all the cards out in a grid on a desk or on the floor. They will take turns and flip over two cards. If they do not match, then you must flip them back over and then it's someone else's turn. One you flip over two that match, then you get to keep them. The person with the most matched pairs wins.

All you will need for this game is yourself, a partner or team and the cards to play. This game can be played with either all the cards or just half. For instance, using the definitions cards only or the example cards only.

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