My tour of the Florida Museum of Natural History By laura hassert

Nature on Display:

The Columbian Mammoth was stunning. Its immense size and beauty captured my attention the moment I walked into the room. Until I read the exhibit, I never knew that elephants and humans lived together at one point here in Florida. They also included Mammoth teeth for museum-goers to touch and examine. I would never have been able to experience the same feeling of being under such a huge mammal nor its teeth the size of my hand through the internet. The exhibits at the museum were very illustrated and lively which kept me intrigued each step of the way.

Nature & Ethics:

In this exhibit, I learned about climate change and our water quality. I found how important it is to keep our water clean from pollution and to respect our environment. One thing our community can actively participate in to ensure clean water and habitats for our animals is to not litter and to continuously clean up our land through volunteering.

The Museum kept me very engaged and active in learning about nature surrounding me here in Florida. The exhibits were interactive and had very colorful displays. Furthermore, I saw a few kids running through the different exhibits and an interactive tree trunk. Another way the museum allowed visitors to connect to nature is with the magnificent butterfly garden. The beauty of nature definitely instilled an ethical responsibility to take care of the earth as it has taken care of humans for the many years before.

Nature and the Holy Spirit

Through the butterfly garden exhibit, I was able to witness the mysterious and majestic Universe. Numerous butterfly species coexisted in the exhibit in harmony and it was warming to the heart to see such a graceful community presented there. The Natural History Museum helps us step out of ordinary lives by drawing in our minds and physical body into the unique and interactive exhibits. The butterflies flew around me which helped me see how the smallest of things can be so graceful and kind. This shows that the smallest of problems too can be dealt with grace and kindness so as to not effect your day/week.

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