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Hi colleagues. Welcome back from what was hopefully a restive and festive Christmas Break. This week for Titan Tech Tips Paul Warren, Jenn Osmond, Adam Conner and Eric MacMillan have created presentations centred around the theme of student engagement and collaboration. Enjoy!


In this tutorial Andrew demonstrates how to bring your paper based lessons, presentations and worksheets to the cloud.


In this session Paul plugs you in to the power of several online tools, including: padlet, book creator, jamboard and flipgrid.

Digital Escape Rooms

In this presentation Adam and Jenn introduce the concept of a digital escape room. This dynamic duo will guide on the setup and execution of this very cool teaching strategy.

Check out their video below!

Simple Interactive Presentations

Eric compares three online resources: Kahoot, Quizziz and Smart Suite Online.


Adam Conner will be leading a session on best practices to get organized in Google Drive.

  • What is Google Drive
  • Moving, Renaming and Copying Files
  • Sharing Files and Common Mistakes
  • Standard Workflow with Drive and Classroom

Google Meet - Thursday 10am

Google Meet

Nick Jordan will lead a session on Google Meet:

  • Starting a video meeting
  • Joining a video meeting
  • Adding a video meeting
  • Customizing video meetings
  • Sharing resources
  • Sharing a video meeting

Google Meet - Thursday 10am


Google Slides

Whitney VanBlarcom will be presenting a session on how to leverage Google Slides to organize and deliver lessons online and in person. In addition Whitney will demonstrate how to embed images, hyperlinks, audio, and video, and how to include interactive questions for students.

Google Meet - Thursday 10am


This session, led by Jennifer Osmond, will focus on using Google Forms to create a quiz that will automatically be scored and show you how to import the marks into Google Classroom with a click of a button.

Google Meet - Thursday 9am

The Organized Google Classroom

Mike Bunin will captain this session outlining a few simple strategies to keep your Google Classroom organized for you and your students, making it easy to find all of your assignments.

Google Meet - Thursday 9am



In this session Andrew Seymour will walk you through creating a complete and self-contained assignment in Google Classroom and touch on the following concepts. The goal is to create organized, easy-to-follow assignments that reduce work for the teacher and reduce stress for the student.

  • Adding resources such as YouTube videos, PDFs, links, etc
  • Adding self-correcting quizzes.
  • Making unique copies of work for each student.
  • Marking and giving feedback.
  • Using rubrics in Classroom

Google Meet - Thursday 11am


In this session Eric MacMillan will demonstrate how to create and record simple video lessons in Smart Notebook. The second part will cover how to upload videos to Youtube. There are many applications that can be used to accomplish these tasks. This presentation is more to highlight the benefits of the process rather than the tools themselves. The following items will be highlighted:

  • Basics of Smart Notebook recording
  • Benefits of creating videos

Google Meet - Thursday 11am

Quality Feedback with Google Classroom

In this session Matt Crosby and Patty-Sue MacLeod will show you how to add handwritten comments to an assignment submitted in Google Classroom using an iPhone, iPad or Android device. As this procedure works best with PDFs, they will will also demonstrate how to convert pictures into a PDF using Google Docs, an iPhone and an Android phone.

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Nicholas Jordan


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