Fiction Genres Where will your story take you?


What are fiction genres?

Fiction genres are subcategories of the genre fiction itself. These subcategories help to organize all the different topics that are covered within the genre of fiction. These sub-genres of fiction include, Historical fiction, Realistic fiction, Fantasy, Science fiction, mystery, and folktales. Every sub-genre is full of excitement and adventure for the reader!

Well what exactly makes a novel fictional?

A novel is considered fictional when the events, stories , and characters are imaginary. However, some events that take place in fictional novels can be real. For example, in historical fiction a story can take place during WWI. Now WWI is an actual event that has taken place, but the characters in the novel will be imaginary people.

Why am I learning this?

Knowing the difference between the sub-genres of fiction is pivotal to understanding how to navigate through the vast genre! You will also be able to use your knowledge to improve your critical thinking skills. There are many topics waiting to be explored by a curious reader!


The goal

The goal for today's task is for each students to define a genre of fiction and then in groups of 2 test their knowledge by creating a short story based on the fiction genre they choose.


Steps to success

Step 1: Choose your preferred genre of fiction. Genres are labeled in the introduction.

Step 2: Define your genre.

Step 3: What type of stories are written in your genre? Give one example. What are one or two authors that are known for writing in this genre? What is the name of one of their books? Why is it in that genre? At least 2-3 sentence answers.

Step 4: Pick a partner who chose the same genre as you. Next create a google docs word document ( In this document create a short story based on the genre you and your partner have. Use a creative title, have at least two paragraphs( 3-5 sentences per paragraph), and have fun with it!


What you will be graded on:

  1. Choosing a genre in the fiction category.
  2. Correctly defining your genre.
  3. Answering all the questions asked about your genre.
  4. Meeting the sentence criteria.
  5. Completing and being creative with your collaborative assignment.


You made it!

Blog Post

Write the following answers to these questions in your classroom blog:

  • Did you find this web-quest helpful? Why or why not?
  • Did you find a fiction genre you liked most?
  • What was your least favorite part about the assignment?
  • What was your favorite part?
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