Communcation In Google Classroom

Google Classroom & Differentation of Instruction

Google classroom can be used to different instruction as it can now assign work to individual students. This specific assignment to designed for each student or group of students.

How I use Google Classroom to communicate with students.

I have used Google Classroom to provide feedback information to students on assignments. At first I did this by commenting back to them on their assignments. However, I found it more powerful to provide feedback on the actual document or product that they turned it. This allowed me to be very specific in my comments.

Google Forms as a Self Grading/ Direct Feedback Quiz

Google Classroom also allowed me to give direct feedback on quizzes and test. This is done using a google form and setting it up as a quiz. Google Classroom allows me to manage who has taken the quiz and restricts with the students from taking it multiple times. Students are given scores and information as to which questions they answered correctly/incorrectly. Also, Google Classroom gives them a quick link to find the quiz.

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