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Artist statement

My intention is not only to document my items. I want to interpret what i have seen and experienced. Camera’s image is just a starting point to some discovery work. Experimental expression is most interesting for me at the moment. I call those images abstract photos.

However, I think abstract expression in photography is more complicated than in other arts. Basic mission of photography is to represent something existing, and the photographer just digs it out. Abstract photo expression is more conceptual than a strict rule what such photo is or is not. The relevant thing is to see different way.

Like Minor White has said: "When you approach something to photograph it, first be still with yourself until the object of your attention affirms your presence. Then don't leave until you have captured its essence."

The Photodiary Method

I have been developed more than 10 years 'The Photodiary Method', which is a method for self reflection and self-efficacy. The most important form of it is visually oriented personal journal, photodiary.

Photo diary is one’s personal project or agenda, where he or she somehow regularly produces meaningful photographs about his or her life. Photodiary helps to perceive world around us, supports to recall one’s memory, thoughts, emotions.

Perhaps the most important feature is however to make ’inner’ dialogue with yourself. It reveals meanings to your life. Photo diary can be public or private and it’s form is totally free. Technically it can be weblog, homesite, ordinary photo album, shoebox full of photos, negative archieve, part of wider net service etc.

Thinking and writing, reflecting, is very important when working with photography as photo diary.

As a master's thesis I made 2013 a study ”Photodiary as an agent of one’s self-efficacy”. I made this study to Oulu university, faculty of pedagogics (Learning and Educational Technology (LET) Research Unit). If you need some further information or you want me to organize for you photodiary course, feel free to contact me: email ari.rapo(at)photodiary.guru.

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