What Your Dreams are Telling You Mckenna Steffensen

My name is McKenna Steffensen and my genius hour question is, how do your dreams affect the mind and brain?

In my research I learned that there are many people around the world that experience many different types of sleep disorders, such as sleep paralysis. It occurs when the brain wakes up too early and the spinal cord that is connected all the way up to the brain is still in a sleeping stage so it feels as if you're paralyzed. I learned that if you're being chased in a dream or feel like you can't run away from something scary such as a monster, then you are experiencing high levels of stress, and I also learned that night terrors are caused by a slight nightmare but it becomes much worse when your brain is ahead of your body and wakes up during the R.E.M stage, which can leave you to be awake screaming uncontrollably.


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