GATOR Social Media Strategy


The employees will be using Wikis as a social media platform. Wikis is a website that allows collaboration between users at the time of writing and editing texts. For example, rather than having a single editor for a webpage, a Wiki allows all users (or those that have been given permission by the creator) the possibility to edit, adding or removing content, as they see fit. This will make the employees more productive as they will all be able to modify the webpage as soon as a product is sold out. Avoiding misinformation of consumers.


In terms of our Customers we will use Micro-blogging Social networking which will be restricted to 2-3 lines of blogging. Like twitter small amounts of content or updates are distributed online and through mobile phone network. Through that social media customers can share their experience with Zappos, help them improve and promote the company if they have a good experience.

communicating the advertising

For advertising what we could do is promote heavily via the RSS. The RSS system works in a way that all our social media accounts will be interconnected and when there is something new going on in the company, for example a new item arrives to the store, our subscribers will be immediately notified. This way our consumers will be always informed about new products by the minute, thus creating a much more developed bond between our company and the customers.

Additional SOcial INteractions

Our business will be all about social interactions with clients. We believe that the best ways to interact with them is to employ the latest technology to our advantage. This is why virtual reality will help us. We are going to create a virtual shop with all of our clothing items on it. In the beginning the customers will need to create a character with their sizes and proportions, then they would enter the virtual store and try on the clothes. Additionally our online assistants will be there to help. Following this process, the customers will then place their orders and have the items sent directly to their homes. We believe that new technologies such as virtual reality will be an important breakthrough in the social interactions


Apart from blogging previously discussed as a technique of interaction with the consumers, forums can be very insightful for our company. Although we are a clothing store, we take reviews from people very seriously. One of the things we see is that sometimes big issues that need to be resolved, don’t have a solid platform to be put out. This is why Forums will be essential. Forums will be a large discussion area where people can put out complaints and suggestions for us. Then the issues presented will be discussed by our team and resolved as fast as possible. Forums will be as useful for customers as for the employees.

INteraction between customers

Social Tagging also known as Folksonomy, will be also a part of the virtual shop. When users upload content to the online shop, they can also associate keywords to the upload. When another user then searches for something the relevant information will appear. The collective element comes when other users also add new and additional labels to the same upload. This process will allow customers to find particular clothes and brands effortless.
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