WUDANG SWORDSMEN ACADEMY SUMMER SWORD RETREAT Appalachian Mountains, Pennsylvania • August 22-25, 2019

The 2019 WSA Summer Sword Retreat will be held from the evening of Thursday, August 22nd to the late morning of Sunday, August 25th. Other events are available in support of the retreat for longer interest in staying.

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The holy Wudang Mountains of central China are famous for three things: Daoist medicine, tai chi, & swordsmanship. As the legendary birthplace of the internal martial arts methods, Wudang holds a special place in martial arts culture. And as martial arts and Daoism merged thousands of years ago, the sword methods of the Daoists grew at Wudang and developed into a unique art used for both ritual and personal defense.

The Daoist sword offers cultivation and growth in many aspects of life. Cultivation of the three treasures (body, energy, and mind) provides fitness, wellness, and a sharp mind, providing longevity and extended years of healthy living. Additionally, these practices offer method to develop sensitivity, coordination, and body organization through unifying mind, effort, and internal structural alignment. This idea of unifying one's Jing, Qi, & Shen is a key component to Taijiquan, Taijijian, and many other internal arts.

An added benefit is the awareness of self-defense and reaction training for protecting one's self in any situation. Although the sword may not be a common self-defense weapon carried in modern times, the swordskill provides limitless application and awareness for using any weapon or found object in a martial scenario. Because a sword skill is focused on being untouchable (instead of toughness), the Daoist sword methods enhance one's dexterity, agility, spacial awareness, and maneuverability, for use in combination with any martial art. The Daoist martial arts also encompass striking and clinching combat methods which align seamlessly with the sword practice principles and skills.

The Wudang Swordsmen Academy carries direct lineage to these Mountains and their methods. It is our mission and goal to make the benefits and cultivation methods of theses arts accessible outside of China. Our mission is to bring wellness and mindfulness to those in need through swordsmanship, martial arts, and Daoist life nourishing arts.

Xia walking at Taizi Po Temple, Wudang Mountains, 2010.


Some of the attendees at the 2016 WSA Summer Sword Retreat.

Each year, our retreat grows with attendance, activities, and class options, as students and teachers from all around the world come together for a weekend of swordsmanship training and camaraderie. This year should be no different!

This year will will feature a focus on learning each of the technique series in our foundational sword form, and then getting them into applied fencing. These workshops will focus less on having classes, and more so on developing the skill in each movement. We will teach the technique, drill the technique, apply the technique, and then pressure test the technique. Those that want to focus on form can go back to the sequence when done fencing.

We will have additional time for individual training, sessions for other weapon training, and a few fencing games with enough interest. Each session will start with brief warm ups, and there will be time for questions and side training with one another.

One of the biggest takeaways for attendees at this retreat is the sheer quantity of time they get to fence, spar, and push hands. Additionally, the vast array of styles and backgrounds in those that attend the event allow for swordsmen and women to find their comfort in all situations, and against all opponents. The community is a huge part our event, and this is one of the required events for instructors in the WSA family.

Group photo of some of the attendees at the end of Sunday's tournament at the 2017 Retreat.
Group photo of some of the attendees on the second day at the 2018 Retreat.


Introducing your hosting school and instructors


The Wudang Swordsmen Academies are an international group of Wudang style martial artists, sharing their arts, studies, and training methods with the modern world. WSA branches and study groups are currently found in 4 countries, and have schools all across the United States. Founded by Wudang Daoist Xia Chongyi, WSA is one of the few training groups which offers authentic Wudang and Daoist martial arts in the west.

Daoist Swordsman Xia Chongyi

Xia is a recognized Daoist disciple and Wudang martial arts instructor under Daoist Zhou Xuan Yun of Daoist Gate Wudang Arts. He is most recognized for his Wudang Sword Tours, and for his book Taiji Fencing Principles, Vol. 1. Xia carries lineage in Dragon Gate Daoist Sect, Wudang Sanfeng Martial Sect, and in Zhengyi Daoism. His students which teach are trained in modularized practices to provide clear instruction, clear purpose to the practice, and high quality teachers, as per Xia's methods of teaching and delivery of the complex Daoist curriculums.

Xia offers thirty years in the martial arts, and a score of those in the internal practices of Taijiquan & Baguazhang. His path has been focused on the Daoist sword for over a decade, and he has dedicated his life full-time to his studies, teachings, and practices.

Held annually in Central Pennsylvania at


Since 2016, the WSA Summer Sword Retreat has been held at the Black Moshannon State Park in Central Pennsylvania. Nestled around a lake sitting up on one of the mountains in the Appalachians, Black Moshannon offers our retreat great facilities and stunning sites.

Each training session is held at a different place in the park. Some classes are held while traveling and walking down the paths, while other classes are along the lake or in one of the clearings in the forest.

Black Moshannon offers our retreat excellent cabins, tent sites, and training spaces. Bathrooms and kitchens are top quality, and the quietude of the park is healing. We have had an excellent relationship with the park for the past years, and they are always excited to have us back.

Morning Qigong on the Pier at the 2017 Retreat


The majority of our attendees stay in our shared dorm-style cabins. Each cabin comes with 4 bunks, sleeping 4-6 people. Cabins also include kitchens with refrigerator, freezer, stove, oven, & microwave. Cabins also offer indoor & outdoor fireplaces.

Early enrollment options include private cabins for 1-3 guests in a single group. This option will not be available for later enrollment. When cabins are full–or for those looking for a more rugged experience–private/semiprivate tenting options are available.

A look at the cabin area where attendees resides.

Tent sites are on gravel or earth foundations, and offer electricity connections and parking. Tent sites are nearby the cabins, and tenting attendees are expected to meet the group for meals, training, and lectures at the cabin area.

All attendees will have access to the full bath and wash facilities. Hot showers are available for a small hot water charge, and sinks, toilets, and water fountains are readily available 24/7.


Thursday evening arrivals are scheduled from 6-8pm. There is ample parking and the cars are parked just in front of their cabins for easy access to storage and valuables. There will be some snacks provided, but remember that there will be no meal plan this year. Everyone is invited to relax or push hands with one another until people have all gathered.

Orientation will include introductions of all of our instructors in attendance, and a meet & greet with the attendees. Everyone should voice what they are interested in focusing their time on for the weekend, and should ask questions to Xia about facilities and training. Xia will go over the schedule, the need-to-knows, and introduce this year's themes as well.

Evening training will follow the meeting, with the opening postures of the form and open fencing.

Attendees pushing hands at the 2016 Retreat.

2019 THEME –


Waking up with the sun, the group will gather up, have a light breakfast, and then venture off to begin an unforgettable day of training. The group will begin with their self-massages, warm-ups, qigong, and stretches. Everyone will then move into foundational movement exercises and some Wudang martial calisthenics. Once warmed up, we will begin our journey into mastering the techniques in our form of the weekend.

Starting with the beginning of the form, we will spend the full weekend learning to implement the techniques in this sequence, while learning how to drill and develop the techniques simultaneously. This event will not only be form! But the outline of the material is held in the formset and it's methodology.

Over the next few days, each class will cover 3-5 series of movements in both drills and form sequence, before learning to apply them in application, and pressure testing in partner fencing.

Evening will wind down with a qigong and optional pushing hands. Students interested in more meditation will be invited to sit with Daoist Xia for his evening session before bed.


Below are the current pre-registration (until June 1st) and registration options up (until August 1st). All sites and bunks are limited in availability, and less options are available, the closer to the date of the event.

Single Pre-Registration – Shared Cabin, Single Bunk – $150

Single Registration – Shared Cabin, Single Bunk – $180

Single Pre-Registration – Group Tentsite – $150

Single Registration Group Tentsite – $180

Single Pre-Registration – Private Tentsite – $205

Single Registration – Private Tentsite – $205

Group of 4 Pre-Registration – Group Cabin – $490



PRE-ORDER 2019 Retreat T-Shirt – Black w/ White & Yellow Print – $20

Fencing Safety Gear – Gloves, Goggles, Mouthguard – $30


Sword Foundations Workshop – Thu @ 1PM – $45

9-Day Instructor Training Program Pre-Registration – 16th-25th – $630

9-Day Instructor Training Program Registration– 16th-25th – $670

Taiji Fencing Club 2-Year Certification Training Course - Mon @ 11AM – $99


Attendees training by the lake at sunset, at the 2017 Summer Sword Retreat.


If you have any questions regarding registration, please feel free to send an email to info@wudangswordsmen.com, or send us a facebook message at m.me/WudangSwordsmen

In addition to the Thursday-Sunday retreat, the following workshops & events are also happening in conjunction with the Summer Sword Retreat!

9-Day Instructor Training Excursion Program, PRE-RETREAT

August 16th - 25th (retreat included)

Those interested in launching their own official Taiji Fencing Club & Wudang Swordsman Study Group are encouraged to arrive a week early for our instructor retreat. This program will focus on getting students the practical understanding, the personal skills, and the community preparedness to successfully launch their local training group.

This course will provide detailed training for the following modules of material:

  • Warming Self-Massage
  • 9 Palace Yangsheng Gong
  • 7 Star Sword Drilling Method
  • Taiji Fencing Principles (1-9)
  • Wudang Liangyi Sword Form, Part 1 of 2
  • Sun Qigong
  • Cooling Self-Massage

Those that grasp the above-listed material will be expected to be able to teach and explain each module while making corrections and answering questions. Each technique will need to be demonstrated both in a compliant application session as well as in a pressure tested fencing engagement. Proper understanding of the body alignment and health principles are a key component to understanding for instructor certification consideration.

  • This event is limited to those that have been training in the community for at least 2 years (2016 & earlier). Contact Xia directly if you are interested in participating.
Xia working with the Wudang NYC group leader.


[retreat included]


Thursday @ 1:00PM-4:00PM

For first time attendees, and those interested in the a detailed look at the foundational training methods, Xia will be offering an introductory level workshop in Daoist Swordsmanship. This workshop will cover all the essentials like holding the sword correctly, the basic body mechanics, and an overview of our drilling methods.

The workshop will also introduce foundational fencing and sensitivity training for building comfort with the sword. Those coming from other styles who may be interested in taiji fencing & Wudang swordsmanship will find this Thursday afternoon workshop an excellent instrument for finding how your own art can work together with what will be taught at the retreat.

This workshop is an excellent starting point for new comers to our events!

This is a standalone event. Registration is listed under the Retreat as an additional Workshop, with a $45/person fee.


Monday, August 26th @ 11 AM

With so much growth and interest in taiji fencing, we are excited to announce our Taiji Fencing Club Leader Training Seminar for 2019, following our retreat. Those interested in forming a local group to train with are invited to stay for an extra day after the retreat to learn how to run a club, how to handle the organizational side of things, and how Taiji Fencing will be growing into more tournaments and events in the upcoming future.

This event will feature how to run a club, how to organize and promote your club, and the different types of materials we recommend and encourage clubs to focus on. Your club can be regional or in conjunction with a specific school or established community.

This seminar comes with a 2-year certification for those that successful complete the course. This certification will include you in our Taiji Fencing Association's training videos, community events, and will get your club listed on the official Taiji Fencing club listings. With more events and tournaments coming up over the next few years, now is the best time to get involved!


Register online at the Wudang Swordsmen Academy Square Store, below.

Facebook EventWudangSwordsmen.com | DaoistSword.com

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Photos by Andromeda Ribeiro de Farías, Gilberto Torres, & attendees of past events.

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