Vivian's Portfolio chute Media arts 2018

Week One

Unique Expression
Natural Lighting

Week Two



Week Three


I hear wind blowing. I smell fresh spring air. I see bright warm colors. I taste sweet rain coming. I touch soft petals. I feel at peace.

Week Four


When taking this photo I thought that Lucinda's outfit really made me think of spring and warm weather so I decided to do it in the outdoors. I thought the lighting and shadows reperesented spring creeping into the winter.

Week 5

Final Project

My social justice issue is Women's empowerment. For my project I am using something that I began in 7th grade. I started this project by thinking about all the ifferent stereotypes of people. I had my friends and other students in my class tell me a stereotype people have thought of them or something that they have heard someone say that has stuck with them. I then had them write the stereotype or what they would say to someone who told them that on a piece of paper. The final picture was them holding up the sign because I thought that it really spoke out. So, I think the overall big thing is stereotype's but my own was more on Women empowerment since that was my example.

Week 6

Final Project

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